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Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

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This is my fic journal.

Currently I love Stargate:Atlantis and Numb3rs so I'll probably be writing them. More probably it'll just be SGA! I'm a complete pairing whore so will put anyone with anyone but I do especially like McKay/Zelenka and Lorne/Kavanagh and will hopefully be writing more of them.

Most of the stuff I write is going to be slash, and some of it is likely to be NC-17 or adult related. If that's not your thing or isn't allowed where you are or you're too young, move along and we can all happily go on with our lives.

Insanity: Doing Lorne/Kavanagh for fanfic100. See my Big Damn Table

Huge thanks to fatuorum for my header and imafall3nstar for the layout.