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Lorne/Sheppard/Ronon/Kavanagh, NC-17

Title: 4 Minus 3 Equals Zero
Author: ria_kukalaka
Pairing: Lorne/Sheppard/Ronon/Kavanagh
Word Count: 636
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Aliens made them do it – yes again!
Warnings: Group sex.
Prompt: Oct 8th challenge at slashing_lorne: ‘write a drabble/ficlet using the title of a George Strait Song’. And ‘071: Broken’ for fanfic100.
Disclaimer: This is what the show should be like. But as they’re not all constantly having desperate, messy sex with Lorne, I obviously don’t own it.
Notes: Thanks to azicrow for looking through it and making the appropriate ‘aww’ noises.

Ronon’s naked body was pressed up close behind Lorne’s equally naked form. Lorne could feel the power in the man’s muscles as he worked inside him in sure, rhythmic strokes, completely in control. That was more than Lorne could say for himself. But then he also had Kavanagh sucking his cock like a goddamn pro, his hands grasping the scientist’s long curls and Colonel Sheppard nipping and sucking along his body, stopping to tease his nipples and work a hickey into the top of his neck.

It had all started when he’d arrived back to Atlantis. The mission had been completely normal, not a single glitch. The Elenaites were a friendly bunch, more than willing to trade and had insisted that the Major join them for dinner as their special guest, in honour of negotiating the treaty. Not wanting to insult, and not seeing a problem with it, he already knew he enjoyed their food, he agreed. Dinner was pleasant enough and afterwards one of the pretty young women of the village asked if she could bless him with an elixir made of the juice of the sickly-sweet smelling aziberry, which would make the Gods grant him his hearts most innermost desires. After checking that he wasn’t entering a strange, binding marriage custom or anything, he smiled and told her to go ahead.

And that was that. Until he’d come back home. Colonel Sheppard kept giving him strange looks throughout the debriefing and it may have been a mistake, but the Colonel’s foot – and what had happened to his boot anyway – kept running up his shin. A little bit freaked out, he left as soon as possible and arrived back in his own quarters. Only to find Ronon stretched out on his bed, completely nude, and slicking himself up.

Before he could react, the Colonel turned up too. “You left without me.” He drawled with a predator gleam in his eyes. He threw off his jacket and roughly pushed Lorne against the nearest wall to invade his mouth.

That was when Doctor Kavanagh - and how weird was that - had stormed in. Without a word, he undid the buttons of Lorne’s BDUs and took him in his mouth. Somehow they’d all ended up on the bed, in the position they were in now.

Lorne, had tried, several times to put an end to it – it didn’t take a genius to figure out that they were under the influence of whatever he’d been sprayed with. But each time he pulled away, the desperate needy whimpers of the others broke his resolve.

He wasn’t gay. He’d never thought about any guy in that way before but when he came, it was the most intense orgasm of his life. It swept through him, alighting every single one of his nerve endings and making his toes curl. Blissed out, he collapsed down on the bed, with the other men cuddled close. Ronon’s strong arms around his waist, Kavanagh’s head nestled in the crook of his shoulder and the Colonel’s long legs twisted with his. He only had a moment to reflect on how this was almost as good as the sex before he fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.

The effect didn’t last of course and there was an awkward moment in the early hours of the morning when everyone realised what had happened. No-one said anything and everyone avoided eye-contact whilst dressing and leaving.

Lorne lay back down on the bed and tossed and turned for hours, unable to sleep. It was strange how suddenly he felt much more alone than he had on all the other nights he’d slept by himself. He was certain that whichever sonofabitch had said, “it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all”, had never felt this.


This now comes with an utterly fantastic sequel by the utterly fantastic
Tags: fanfic100, lorne/kavanagh, lorne/other, oct challenge

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