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*cringe* another really old one.

Title: A World within a World
Author: Maria
Category: Crossover
Spoilers: Minor ones, before Exodus for SG1, for Buffy just after Oz leaves.
Pairings: None really, or dozens depends on how you want to see it.
Summary: SG1 meets Buffy........
Word count: ~7000
Disclaimer: SG1 doesn’t belong to me. Buffy doesn’t belong to me.

As she lay face down on her dormitory bed at the University of Sunnydale, she wept. She wept uncontrollably, painfully, bitterly, chokingly, despairingly, hopelessly; nothing was right with the universe, nothing ever would be. She wept until her pillow, face, and most of her red hair was severely damp. She wept not only at her misfortune but her own cowardice. She wept until she finally fell asleep from exhaustion.

She didn’t sleep for very long, she hadn’t had more than a few hours at a time for days now. She looked around the room, it was still empty. Not surprising, Buffy was probably flirting with Riley, she thought with just a little resentment. She was happy for them, really. But she couldn’t help feeling a little jealous, after all she had just lost the love of her life. As her thoughts returned to him, she felt her eyes well up once again. And then she stopped them.

“I’m Willow Rosenburg” she said, walking around the empty room “Okay sure everything is not going exactly as planned, but I’m FINE. I do NOT need Oz to complete my life. There are plenty of things I’m great at. I’M TIRED OF FEELING THIS PATHETIC” By this time she was screaming and against all her best efforts, in streams of tears again, letting out the rage and hurt in one fell swoop.

About an hour later, she got out of the bubble bath she had been treating herself too, feeling a little better and getting herself a bar of chocolate, walked over to her witchcraft books. But looking at them still bought too much pain, reminding her of not being able to complete the one spell that might have kept Oz with her. She turned away and sat down on her computer. ‘I do have plenty of talents!’ she reminded herself once again. ‘Now to do something challenging....worthy of my talents’

A few hours later, she was still there. Buffy had checked in on her. She had ushered her away again. She didn’t want to be around people not even her room mate and best friend. And now she was clicking on another link (to add to the hundreds she’d already visited, even though it meant breaking a few encryption codes on the way) not knowing where it would lead her, not really caring.

Her screen suddenly flashed red. A warning sign informed her that “Civilian access is not granted”. In the corner, the symbol for the American Military rotated. ‘The military, huh, this could help Buffy figure out who the commando guys were, and what they’d done to Spike, not that I mind the change. Not to mention, breaking in to the military about the ultimate pick me up!’ She thought, and got to work, feeling more excited and useful than she had ever since *that bitch* had ruined her perfect life.

After another excruitating six or was that seven of hours Willow, achieved her goal. The red screen stopped flashing and the sign was replaced “Access granted. Click on the continue button to enter the Star Gate Command mainframe.”

‘Star Gate, creative name. Maybe it’s a gate that leads to other solar systems’ Willow smiled at the ludicrous thought whilst clicking on continue ‘no, knowing the military it’s probably a weapon capable of blowing up stars’.


In another part of the country, another intelligent and talented woman was on her computer. Major Samantha Carter liked to think of herself as a good little soldier, that meant she usually had to ignore her feminine side. Be strong and tough, her team relied on it. She wouldn’t ever want to let any of them down. But right now her team weren’t around. She was in her apartment, in a chatroom. ‘Haha, none of the guys would believe this even if I told them’. SG-1 had returned from P3X R57 this morning, after spending over a week in the desert like planet, looking for Naquadah the probe promised was there. ‘Stupid machine, the first chance I get, I’m going to redesign it’ However, as much as she’d wanted to, she couldn’t do it straight away. They were all tried and Janet had ordered them all to rest.

So Sam decided to try out the chatrooms, out of some childish indulgence. After a few hours in one she was telling some really understanding person by the handle M8475 all about Jack. It was refreshing it get it all off her chest, it probably helped that M8475 knew as little about who she was as she did about him/her.

M8475: “So you know he loves you”

Explorer: “yeah, he had to admit was important”

M8475: “Important, why?”

Explorer: “Just important, what matters is that he won’t admit it again, not even to me. I would understand if he didn’t want our colleagues to know” ‘sure I’d understand we’d both be court-martialled!’

M8475: “Have you talked to him about it?”

Explorer: “I’ve tried, it’s difficult. And every time, he senses I’m about to start he’ll make some flippant remark that’ll.....oh hold on a second, phone call on other line”

M8475: “sure”

A few minutes later

Explorer: “Gotta go”

With that Major Carter switched of her computer and rushed to get to Cheyenne Mountain. She wasn’t sure why, but then they didn’t ask too many questions in the military, she was being told to come in ASAP, so that was what she intended on doing.


When Carter walked into the briefing room, she could see that the rest of her team was already assembled. Daniel Jackson, looking a little annoyed, clutching what she would guess was his third cup of coffee in the last hour. Teal’c looking as Teal’c like as ever, she couldn’t read a thing off him but took comfort in the fact that no one else could either. And Jack who seemed to be concentrating more on his broken sunglasses than the member of his team who had just walked in. She longed to go to him but knew that now was not the time, instead choosing a seat next to Daniel.

“What’s up with that?” she asked pointing in the Colonel’s direction.

“Ummm, well it seems an important part of Jack was ‘injured’ on our mission to P3X R57.” Daniel replied trying not very successfully to hide a smile.

“I do not believe that to be accurate DanielJackson, O’Neill is unharmed”. Daniel couldn’t suppress the cheeky little smile anymore and it turned into a grin, which ended abruptly after the look Jack shot him.

“Colonel, I’m sorry for your loss” Sam couldn’t help but join in. Both Sam and Daniel braced themselves for Jack’s next look but it never came. Instead he just smiled at her and it seemed was about to say something but General Hammond walked in.

“SG-1, sorry to cut your R&R time, but we have a situation. It appears that someone has successfully broken into our mainframe. We’re not sure who yet”

“I would bet good money that it was Colonel Maybourne and the rest of our ‘friends’ at NID.” Jack remarked, ‘I really shoulda killed him when I had the chance!’

“That’s not what we believe, the President has already allowed NID free access to our reports, like you said Colonel they are our friends.

“Maybourne would no way trust that we would share everything!”

“Colonel, if you would stop interrupting at least until I’ve finished please” Hammond said beginning to lose his patience. “When the signal was traced back, we found it originated somewhere in a University in a small town called Sunny Dale, California.”

“So Maybourne’s gone back to school, hey maybe our geek had a greater influence on him than we realised.” Jack said, trying to get back at Danny-boy for his remark earlier and still refusing to let go of his firm belief that Maybourne was a royal pain in the ass.

“I want you to find out who exactly it was, what their agenda is and how much they know.” The general continued, deciding to ignore Jack’s last comment and the look Daniel shot him. “Any questions?”

“Ummm, what should we do with *whoever* is responsible?” Jack asked, purposefully stressing the ‘whoever’.

“Well again that depends on how much they know, I’m leaving that to your best judgement Colonel” The general replied but then thought better of it, what if it WAS Maybourne. “On second thought maybe you should let Captain Carter and Dr. Jackson decide.”

Jack was about to protest when both Sam and Daniel replied in unison “Yes Sir” exchanging a glance.

“Very well dismissed” The General said, his tone indicating that there was no use in arguing.


“Buffy, hey I’ve finally found you. I’ve been looking everywhere!” Willow exclaimed as she burst in through the door of Giles home. She looked around to see that the rest of the Scooby gang was assembled: Xander and Anya arguing and Giles sitting at the table with an open book, ‘Boy do these roles never change’.

“Hey Will, I’m glad to see you decided to come out after all” Buffy said her voice laced with genuine concern.

Willow bored of the I’m fine speech, decided to ignore the questioning tone of Buffy’s voice and the worried looks that Giles and Xander were shooting at her. “You will *never* believe what I’ve just seen”.

Xander thought back to a teacher that was a Praying Mantis, hyena possession, an ancient mummified princess and spells that made him the most popular guy in town. “I’ll believe it”

Giles thought of not being able to read, Buffy dying (more than once), a slayer turning evil, Angel killing Jenny, a vampire and slayer in love and being rescued from torture by Xander. ”I’ll believe it.”

Buffy thought back to the master, the Mayor turned giant snake, Angel reverting to Angelus and the Hell she’d visited not to mention the hundreds of vampires and demons she’d dealt with. “I believe I’m ready to just about believe anything”

“This blood is old!! It’s coagulated! How’s a fella supposed to live on this!”

“SPIKE!” Buffy and Giles shouted. Whilst Xander chose a more adult approach and threw a cushion at him.

“Oh yeah, I’ve seen all sortsa things. I’ll believe it, happy red?

‘They asked for it’. “Well how do I put this simply? The military discovered a ‘Stargate’ which can take people to different planets. Many of which are inhabitated by humans taken from ancient Earth but most have the aliens who did the taking. These aliens, the Goa’uld are parasitic and live inside the humans using them as hosts. They rule over countless millions posing as Gods. Oh but they aren’t the only aliens, there are some good guys too. The Tok’ra, they seemed a lot like the Goa’uld but apparently they’re fighting them. The Nox, funny little people look a lot like trolls, but they have a non violence thing and ohh this is sooo cool they can bring back the dead! Then there’s the Tollan, don’t know about them seemed a little arrogant at first but after the military guys saved their planet, they were a little more friendly. Oh and you’ll love this, everything we ever heard and dismissed about Roswell, it’s all true. More good guys, the Asguard, who have a big thing for Colonel O’Neill. He’s the leader of SG-1, a team of four who go through the stargate, there are 11 teams altogether but SG1 seems to get into trouble a lot. Not really surprising since they actually have an alien on their side, Tilk. Also a Dr. Jackson, who spent a year on an alien planet and even married one of the women there. The last member is Major Carter, her father is a Tok’ra and she was one herself for a while!” She paused thinking what else she could say, she’d learnt so much in such little time her head seemed a little crazy (but at least there was no sign of Oz, anywhere in the mess.)

“I don’t believe it” Xander said simply, shaking his head.

Buffy gave him a sharp look. “Sweetie, I know it hurts right now, with Oz gone and I appreciate that you want to help but.....”

“But you think I’m insane” Willow finished for her.

“No we don’t think that at all” Giles was quick to try and reassure her, the last thing he needed was another love strucken teenage girl. ‘Anyway I don’t suppose Willow would last very long in hell’.

“It’s just that you sound like you are” Spike added smiling to himself. ‘Who says I can’t still do damage.’

“It doesn’t matter, I can show you, I found a military page on the net...”

“I never did like computers, how reliable to you think a source from the Internet could be.” ‘When is Giles going to join the rest of us in the 20th century????’

“They’ve been pretty useful before. And this was seriously encrypted. It’s for real I just know it. Don’t we have a military problem, this might be able to help us solve it”

“Oh sure, the military guys are in Sunnydale looking for para.. what? aliens?”

“Parasitic and no Xander, I don’t know why they’re here but there’s probably a connection. Unless you’ve forgotten, this did used to be a Hellmouth.”

Buffy decided that this couldn’t really do any harm, and Will had been known to be right on things like this. If there could demons, vamps and werewolves, why not aliens. “Okay Will, you carry on research, see if you can find out what they’re doing here. I’m gonna patrol, see if I can bump into any of them and nicely ask them to explain what it is they’re doing.”

“I’ll come with you” added Xander, he’d spent enough time at Giles with Spike. “Will you are sure that they’re good guys, right?”


“Like I said I’m coming with you”


“So kids, we’re finally here. This is why I prefer gate-travel”.

“No argument form me” stated Daniel looking decidedly pale. “ahhh fresh air”

“DanielJackson from what I’ve heard of your planet, of it’s polluting vehicles and processing buildings, this air is most likely not ‘fresh’” Teal’c said whilst once again shifting the position of the NY cap he was wearing. ‘Hey he’s right...I wish I was back on Abydos, with Sha’re...No Danny don’t go there...not now...I’m on a mission...must focus.....focus....focus...’

“Sir, it sounds like someone’s in trouble, just around the corner.” Sam’s urgent voice dragging Daniel back into the present.

“Well let’s go check it out”

‘Wow maybe that blonde needs help with those 5 males attacking her, no wait a second one of them seems to be on her side, hmmm from the way he’s fighting I’m not sure that’s a good thing! Danny-boy could do better!’ Jack thought motioning his team to stay in place. They didn’t come here to get pick a fight with some college kids, anyway the last time they got into a fight with the public, in that bar, the General wasn’t too pleased. ‘Anyway, she is kicking some serious ass, maybe she has some Sam spirit...I’m gonna have to be more careful around my blondes’

Buffy was a little preoccupied with the slight matter of four vamps which just materialised outta nowhere to didn’t notice her impromptu audience. And Xander was way too preoccupied, throwing rocks at one of them, and missing more times than not to notice!

“Well guys thanks for the workout but I’ve got real work to be doing” Buffy commented just before she staked all four without too much hassle.

“Sir that’s not possible, those people just turned to ‘dust?’. Sam whispered. She wasn’t much of a biologist but then who needed to be that was just........not possible.

“Ya think??” Jack knew that he wasn’t helping much but then his mind was pretty much ’huh, what, why, how, I am awake right? That was a scene right out of a Dracula movie, I watched that one!’

“O’Neill I do believe the more I see of your planet the more I’m convinced that the Goa’uld will not get a chance to destroy you. In all likelihood you will destroy yourself.”

“I should have known, I should have!!! There have been references to vampires in one form or another all throughout history. Ancient myths and stories passed down from early man: the Babylonian Ekemu, the Chinese Quang Shee, the Hebrew Motod Stam, the Mormo from Ancient Greece and Rome and the more familiar Tanslavian Nostrato. That kind of consistency has to be based on more than just bedtime stories!”

“Major I don’t know what to tell you, It’s probably not possible but we all just saw it. Teal’c, I’m gonna let Daniel deal with that one. Daniel LATER! Please save the lectures for later. It looks like they’re coming this way. Okay we’re just innocent passer bys. Look busy. We didn’t see anything.”

Daniel drags Teal’c a little behind. “We’ll probably look less conspicuous if we’re not all together. Now tell me do the Goa’uld or Jaffa have any references to vampires or similar creatures or is this something exclusive to earth. I’m sure it can’t be. After all when the Goa’uld started relocating.........”

Sam was still standing next to Jack ‘look busy. innocent passer bys. we didn’t see anything. Now I wonder what I could do which would cover all those criteria’ she thought with a smile and before she could change her mind she had her lips all over Jack’s.

‘What on Earth is the Carter doing? This must only be to fool the blonde. she wouldn’t. Not in public. Not with our team here. I should pull back. Stop her. Yes should definitely do that. Okay I’m going to stop her.........Any minute now........well if I pull away, it may look unnatural. we don’t want to raise suspicions. I should just play along.......for the sake of the mission!’

A full 4 minutes 32 seconds later.

“Jack, Sam you can stop now. She’s gone”

“Oh right thanks Daniel”

“Yeah thanks a lot Danny boy!”

“You’re welcome guys” Daniel said as lightly as he could manage. ‘I didn’t hear any regret in Sam’s voice and I was only imagining Jack’s irritation’. “So what do we do now?”

“Well the blonde does seem to be an obvious lead”

“Sir, what do ‘vampires’ for lack of a better term have to do with someone hacking in the SG mainframe?”

“I dunno Carter. Do you have a better idea?” She had to admit she didn’t.

4 days later.

“So you’re saying that not only do vampires exist but she uuhh Buffy? is a vampire slayer?”

“Yes Jack”

“And she has all these teenage friends who help her?”

“Yes Jack”

“And one of these teenagers managed to get past all of the lockouts on the mainframe”

“JACK!! We of all people have seen more amazing things. I mean aliens who live inside people’s heads and travel using a circle of rock!!”

“Oh I believe the vampires bit. But a teenager getting past all the security lock outs. No way!”

“Sir I have to agree I programmed most of them myself!”

“Sam don’t feel bad but while you and Jack were ummm ‘working’ what was that on again??” She shoots him a look. “Anyway Teal’c and I were in recon mode and this is what we found out”

“And you agree with him, Teal’c?”

“It would appear to be the truth O’Neill”

“So what do we do now?” Daniel repeated the question he’d asked a few days ago. Jack still did not have a clue. ‘Teenagers. God why couldn’t it just have been Maybourne. Nothing’s easy anymore’.

Buffy, Giles, Spike and Xander were lounging around, still in their usual positions, exhausted after the busy few days they’d just had. “Will’s not still working on that computer thing is she? Does she not know how to take a break?”

Right on cue, in walks Willow. “Guys, it’s useless. I can’t get back in! They obviously found out that someone hacked in and now they’ve tightened the system!”

“Will, I’m sorry to say this, but does it really matter. I’ve been patrolling for days and I haven’t seen those military guys again. Are you sure it was for real, I mean people put up all sorts of strange things on the net”.

“IT WAS REAL! I know it was. If it wasn’t why would they have redone the security system??”

“Well whether it was real or not doesn’t actually matter, does it? There’s not really much we can do.” Giles as always wanted to try and keep the peace.

“Yeah Will, forget it”

“Sure Xander, cos this is something we can just forget. Were any of you listening?? Aliens!!”

“Look we tried. We came up with squat. What do you want us to do?” Said Buffy, a little bored of humouring her.

“I don’t know. Spike, you spent time with these people and were at their secret lab place. Are you sure you can’t remember anything?”

“Positive. If I could remember who these guys were, I would go up to them and...”

“Get a good ass kicking!” Xander couldn’t help but finish for him. Spike was about to throw something at Xander when he remembered that he couldn’t do that, at least not without great pain. This was giving Xander even more to joke about. Willow however wasn’t actually paying attention to any of this, she’d just had an idea. Unfortunately it meant casting a spell. ‘I am up to this! I CAN do it. I have to. Aliens! Yes. Fine. I’ll do the locating spell. I can search for any unusual energy. Oh wait a minute, this is Sunnydale, even the trees are unusual. Okay I’ll search for....ummm binding. That’s it. I’ll search for the binding of two souls in one body. Do I even know how to do that?? I guess I could ask for Giles’s I’ll find a way to do it by myself. They don’t believe me anyway. And I don’t want to waste their precious time!’

“Will, are you okay?” Buffy asked hoping they hadn’t been to harsh on her, since Willow had been silent for a few minutes.

“Fine! You’re probably right, it’s nothing. And I have a psych paper to hand in tomorrow. I should go work on it.” And with that she left, not waiting for any response from her friends.”

“Do you think she really is fine!”

“Nope Xander, I know she isn’t. But let’s just give her space and hope she will be”


Late in the evening SG1 were walking around the University campus because Jack still hadn’t figured out what else to do ‘This is useful: that teenage slayer person and the one who hacked through Sam’s security programmes are here. It’s like more recon.’

“So Jack, how many times do we have to walk around the campus?”

“Why danny-boy, tired already?” Jack teased, intentionally avoiding his question. And before any of them could say anything else, they were suddenly attacked. A whole group of vampires jumped them. They all reached for their weapons but two of them were already on top of Daniel. They had him pinned down and fangs were at the ready. Jack moved towards him but another two got in his way. Sam aimed her gun at the vamp who looked like he had broken Daniel’s skin but she was knocked over by yet another vamp. Her weapon was slammed out of her hand. She scrambled to reach it, more worried about Daniel than the vamp just behind her. Teal’c fired his Zat at the one walking toward him and then at the pair attacking Daniel. Sam had managed to get her gun back and seeing that Daniel was free she shot at one of the ones on Jack. It barely even slowed him down. Teal’c saw that only the Zat was having any effect so he fired at them all. They all lay unconscious, a relief from the pain.

Jack took out his own weapon out, more a force of habit than because he actually thought it would be a defence. Whilst Sam help up a rather shaken Daniel, who was bleeding a little but only a little. Sam quickly unpacked some bandages from her handbag, that was doubling as her back pack for this undercover mission, and quickly stopped Daniel’s bleeding.

“O’Neill should I fire again?” Teal’c asked a little cautiously.

“Sure they’re vampires, good for nothing bloodsuckers, right?”

“Uhh I think so but if that’s the case I don’t think a second Zat shot will do it.” Daniel pointed out. Teal’c shot one of them a second time anyway, nothing happened so he tried a third time.

“Yeah I don’t think that’s gonna work.” Daniel repeated.

“Oh really? What gave you that idea?” Jack asked gesturing at the still unconscious but very not-dusted vampires.

“So what we stake them??” Sam asked sarcastically, not quite sure she was suggesting it at all.

“I think so or we could use a silver bullet, holy water, the Christian Cross, decapitation........”

“Yadda, yadda yadda! Anyone carrying a nice sharp stake?”

“I believe this will do” said Teal’c whilst taking the leg off of a sign reading ‘University Cafeteria.’ Following suit Jack took the other leg and between them they had dusted all six vampires before any of them had regained consciousness.

Unfortunately this time it was them who were too busy to notice an impromptu audience. Buffy was on patrol and had walked up just in time to see Daniel about to become the main course. She was about to go help until Teal’c started shooting the Zat.

Unlike SG1 she isn’t one for silent recon so she just walked up to them and asked “Who are you guys?” and looking at Teal’c “And what was that weapon you just used?”

SG1 stood very still, shocked in place. ‘Damn’ Jack thought ‘All that military training and I get caught by a teenager!’ Daniel was about to introduce himself, ‘after all, she is fighting for Earth, just like us. She’s one of the good guys!’ But before he could carry it out Teal’c shot the Zat that was still poised in his hand. Buffy writhed in pain for a second, before she ended up unconscious on the ground.

“Teal’c!!??! Why did you do that. She asked perfectly reasonable questions!”

“DanielJackson, it seemed like the most simple answer her questions. May I remind you we are ‘undercover’.”

“Huh?? You can’t go round......”

“Danny-boy, leave it. Teal’c is right. We can’t actually tell her who we are. You said she has some kinda supernatural powers right?”

“Not *powers* Jack! She’s not Supergirl 2 or anything. She’s just chosen to fight vampires and has what may be considered ‘supernatural’ strength.”

“Right great, if she’s so strong one Zat gun shot can’t do much harm. So I suggest we pack up and leave before Teal’c is forced to shoot her again!”

“We can’t just leave her here!! Were you listening *even less* than usual. She’s a slayer, i.e. she goes around slaying vampires and worse. Do you know how many *things* must want her dead! If we leave her defenceless, chances are she’ll never regain consciousness!”

“Oh enough of the melodrama Daniel!”

“No sir, I think he’s right”

“Not you too, Carter!!” Jack said giving her his best Colonel look. She returned it with the one that says ‘you know Daniel is right!’ “Okay, okay. Daniel, Teal’c you’ve been spying on her you know where she lives...”

“Oh sure. We’ll just knocked on the door of the dorm she shares with the friend who figured out the SGCs security code and say sorry we happened to shoot your friend with a Zat. Hope she’s okay in the morning!”

“Sir whatever we do, we’d better do now. The effects of the Zat will start to wear off soon.”

“Fine Carter, we’ll take her back to the hotel. You don’t mind sharing a room tonight do you?”

“With a teenager who has super powers and puts pieces of wood through people’s hearts? No problem. Let’s go!” Teal’c following Sam’s instructions threw Buffy over his shoulder, with absolutely no regard for how inappropriate that looked and started walking back towards the hotel where they were staying. Jack, Daniel and Sam, a little more worried about appearances, started talking very loudly about how their friend had just been hurt and what they could do to help.


Spike had just paid a visit to the store. His supply of fags and booze had just run out. ‘Damn I should restock before they’re all completely gone. Being dead is hardly a good reason to stop enjoying life. Of course it’s not all enjoyment I *am* returning to Giles’s place. Okay so I’ve sunk pretty low but at least I get pig’s blood on occasion. And verbally bashing the whiny little slayer and co is always fun. Hey, a guys gotta get his kicks somehow’.

“Okay what is all the shouting about!!” he muttered after hearing Jack and Daniel arguing about the best way to carry their ‘friend.’ He looked in the direction of the noise hoping that he’d find a few demons he could pummel. Instead he saw a group of humans, one of whom had Buffy slung over his shoulder. ‘Huh?? They don’t look like part of the *Scooby gang.* The big guy definitely doesn’t. What are they doing with Buffy?.....hmm maybe I should go try and rescue her. Nah I can’t hurt them. I wouldn’t stand a chance, I’ll just go *give* this info to Giles. Maybe I should follow them, so I can see where they take her, at least. Again gonna go with Nah, the bitch isn’t worth my neck. Anyway, don’t want the beer to get warm.’ And Spike went discretely past SG1 and to Giles’s place.


SG1 arrived at Sam’s hotel room, just as Buffy was begining to stir.

“Okay kids, anyone got a convincing story we can tell her?”

“How about the truth?” Daniel suggested.

“The truth? As is the actual truth?”

“Sure, she is a force for good you know!”

“Good on this planet, how abouts we leave it that way?”

“Sir, we’d better think of something fast.” Sam stated the obvious as Buffy regained complete consciousness again.

“We may as well have Teal’c shoot her again” Daniel muttered bitterly and then sneezed 3 times in rapid succession ‘great I must be allergic to the awful polyester stuff this blanket is made of!’

“Oh don’t even try it!” Buffy shouted whilst struggling to get free of the strong grip Teal’c held her in. “Let me go!”

“Why don’t you loosen it up a little.....Murray” Jack ordered.

“Murray?? Funny coulda sworn I heard Sniffles the geek-boy here call him Teal’c” Buffy said whilst gesturing at Daniel.

“Sniffles the geek-boy? So you fight evil *and* insult humans who try and help you!” Daniel said trying not to sound hurt.

“Help me? Normally being shot and then kidnapped isn’t considered help!”

“Hey....we haven’t kidnapped.....” Daniel started and then broke off when he realised that’s exactly what they’d done.

“Look, we work for the Government. And we know that a friend of yours accessed some files that she shouldn’t have. We’re just here for damage control. We don’t want to hurt anybody.” Jack continued, deciding that telling her the truth might not be such a bad idea, well not the whole truth of course. An edited version would probably do.

“You mean that what Will found out is true?”

“That would depend on what it is she thinks she knows.”

“She said something about *aliens*”

“Aliens, yes. We deal with illegal aliens that cross the border.”

“Right, of course you do!! And the Stargate??”

“The Stargate is the code name for the project of designing a new reactor which can directly tap in to the power of a star to provide energy. Its maximum theoretical efficiency is over 300% more than the average heat engine used in reactors at the moment.” Sam answered, knowing that normally if she delivered physics speeches to lay people with enough confidence, they tended to believe whatever she said. Buffy paused for a second, not quite sure what to think ‘okay where’s Willow when you really need her!’

Jack sensed her hesitation and added “Look I don’t know much about your friend. But isn’t it possible that she read fragments of records and put it together in the most amazing way she could think of.”

Buffy again hesitated ‘Will has been really cut up over Oz, maybe she let her mind play tricks on her. She always was the imaginative type...........’ “Hold on a sec, I saw you guys dust a group of vamps and you still haven’t explained what that strange Gun thing you used was!”

“Were you not listening? We work for the Government, the military to be precise” Jack started ‘she probably already knows that anyway, telling her can’t do much harm’ “We get all the latest weapons. This one is really very simple and I’d love to show you how it works but that’s classified. As for the vampires, well they came at us, fangs at ready. Lucky we had Sniffles the geek-boy to tell us what to do. He studies strange things like mythology.”

“Yes and vampires have been referenced in many different cultures. The Babylonian Ekemu, the Chinese Quang Shee, the Hebrew Motod Stam, the Mormo from....”

“Yeah whatever. One Giles is more than enough. Thankyou.”

“Excuse me?” Daniel asked getting a little annoyed with this *slayer* girl!

“Nothing. Not important! So who are the Goa’uld?”

“Okay that’s enough questions from you. Don’t you think it’s our turn. You seem pretty comfortable with the idea of vampires yourself. Who are you?” Jack asked just to give his team a little breathing space.

“Hey, I’m not answering anything while this guy is squeezing me half to death!” Buffy exclaimed and then made another attempt at releasing herself from Teal’c. This time Teal’c was more relaxed (following the earlier order from Jack) and with her slayer strength, she managed to pull away from him. However, in the process, she knocked off his cap. Teal’c rushed to get it but Buffy had already caught sight of the gold tattoo on his forehead. “Okay what is that!”

“It is....” Teal’c began.

“A tattoo” Daniel finished for him, not quite sure what he was gonna end with. “Again gold tattoos have been very common in cultures all around the world throughout history. The Ancient Egyptians used to...” Sam smiled as Daniel continued his speech. ‘Hey he’s caught on to the dazzle them with jargon idea!’

“That’s really fascinating, honestly it is! But tell me what is a guy like you, who knows lots of stuff on a whole load of dead cultures, doing working with the military to design strange weapons and new power sources? And for that matter, what about ‘Mr. I rarely talk but have a strange gold tattoo on my head from some dead culture’?”

“Well your ‘Mr. rarely talks’ is one of our best weapons experts. He just doesn’t get much chance to socialise. As for Daniel we need him to......”

“Daniel? Did you say Daniel? As in Daniel Jackson? He who spent a year living with one of these dead cultures. And I really coulda sworn Dr. Jackson called the big guy Teal’c. Isn’t he the ‘Jaffa’ who used to serve the outer space kind of aliens called the Goa’uld but has now switched to the human side. Which means our physicist friend must be Major Sam Carter and you are the infamous Colonel Jack O’Neill; married and divorced; leader of SG1 and a ‘pain in the Niktah’ I believe.” Okay now Buffy was really glad that she taken the time to listen to the rest of Will’s rambling, after that first patrol, rather than fall asleep as she had wanted to at the time.

‘Damn!!’ Jack thought ‘she knows a lot more than we suspected. Oh Maybourne is going to love this!’

“Oh okay so you know who we are. Not a big deal, Ms. Vampire Slayer” Daniel was a friendly guy, normally easy to get along with but his patience with Buffy was wearing thin. You’re Buffy Summers. The chosen one. You fight evil, right here in Sunny Dale, your personal hell mouth. Willow Rossenberg is the girl who hacked in to our computers. She’s also a practising witch and for a while dated a werewolf. You’re friends with a vampire called Spike, who can’t hurt humans anymore. Your mum is called Joyce. Your father left you when you were young. At your previous school the Mayor turned into a giant snake on Graduation Day. The school before that, you burned down the gym! Need I go on?” Daniel said as smugly as he could manage. ‘Okay I’m glad I did do the recon now. I guess it wasn’t just Jack’s way of getting me and Teal’c out of the way!

Minutes passed and no one said anything. There was really nothing left to say.


At Giles place, Spike was far from speechless. “Okay Rupert, I already told you this a few hundred times. You know for a smart guy, you can be so bloody dense. Something bad’s happened to Buffy and if you want to know what you’ll have to empty your wallet.”

“And why should I trust you?”

“Why would I lie, when you’re giving me money!” Giles still looked a little unsure, still a little convinced that this was just a Spike plot to get money out of him. “Fine, if the slayer isn’t worth a couple of hundred bucks. Not my problem. I’ll get my money somehow else!”

“A couple of hundred? I’ll give you one. After you’ve told me what it is that’s happened.”

“$170 and no way am I gonna tell you before I get my money”

“Fine in that case $120.”

“$160. I do have expenses you know!”

“$150. And that’s my final offer. You’re information is probably not worth it.”

Spike thought about this a while ‘hey he may have a point. After all I don’t know who they were or where they took her. Yeah I can do with $150.’ “Yeah go on then. But only cos I like you so much!” Giles got out his wallet and reluctantly started counting out bills.

Just then Will burst in. Her cheeks red in exhaustion and frustration. “Giles! Something terrible’s happened! Buffy’s in trouble!! We have to assemble the gang! Help her quickly!!” She shouted, very out of breath. Wildly waving her arms around.

“Hey, that was my gig!” Spike protested.

“Look Spike, we don’t have time for games.”

“Fine. Willow, calm down and tell me from the start what happened.” Giles said.

“Okay don’t be mad but I did a locating spell. We know that the alien member of SG1 is actually two entities so I searched for any binding energy that seemed out of sync with the rest of us. And I actually found something!”

“Willow, you shouldn’t try such powerful magics by yourself......”

“Can the lectures please wait? Buffy needs help. I followed the spell to a hotel room. And when I looked in through the window, Buffy was unconscious and surrounded by people who looked a lot like pictures I saw in the personnel reports of SG1.”

“But you said they were good guys!”

“I thought they were. But they had Buffy unconscious, so I guess I was wrong.”

“Okay you call Xander, I’ll get the weapons.”

“Hey what about my money?” Spike complained.

“What money? Willow told me everything!”

“But I knew it. I risked my neck following these guys! Don’t I deserve some kinda compensation?” Giles and Willow both gave him a look that said ‘Yeah, sure you risked your neck’ and neither of them bothered with a reply!


About 20 minutes later Giles, Willow and Xander had arrived outside the hotel. Giles was carrying a crossbow. Xander had a rifle, one he hoped he could still remember how to use after his own *time* with the military. Willow was carrying a pouch containing some powder: the last ‘witch experiment’ she had been working on before Oz, if it worked it should freeze whoever it was sprinkled over.

Giles did a final check to see if they were all ready. It was not usual to not have Buffy here. Willow and Xander promised to know what they were doing so they all burst through the door of Sam’s hotel room, their respective weapons at the ready.

“Uhhh hey guys. What are you doing here?” Buffy asked cautiously.

“Umm we’re here to rescue you!” Xander said feeling really stupid, actually more stupid than usual. Buffy was having coffee and chocolate biscuits with her *captors*!

“Rescue me?” Buffy echoed, a little amused.

“Uhh yeah......I saw you unconscious with these guys....!” Willow added.

“Yeah it’s a long story, but you were right Will. About ALL of it!”

“I knew it! You’re SG1, right?”

“Yep, that would be us” Jack replied.

“Wow and you *actually* go through a stargate?”

“Yep and you’re *actually* a witch!” Jack replied again

“A *witch* who cracked our security system!” Sam added.

“Uhh yeah. Sorry about that! Ohhh I have about a billion questions, I don’t even know where to start!” Babbled Willow. Feeling a lot better and more excited than she had done in a long time.

“Well how about you start by answering one of ours?” Daniel asked gently.

“Sure, anything!”

“Well we’ve been discussing this and the SGC is always looking for talented people and Sam could probably do with some help on.....”

“What my friend, Sniffles the Geek-boy, is trying to say is would you come work for us once you’ve finished college?” Jack finished.

“Ummm” Willow looked towards Buffy, who nodded her approval. “Uhh Okay yes. I’d love to!”

“Good” said Sam “And maybe in the meantime you can tell us how you hacked in to the system, so we can make the necessary changes.”

“Yeah sure, but when I tried to re-enter I couldn’t, I think you managed it by yourselves. I will check again though, just incase.”

“Thank you.”

“So kids, I guess we’d better be on our way! It’s a busy Universe!” Jack said, eager to get to Gate travel to different planets. Something a lot more normal than this private little world within our very own.
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