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Some things don’t need to be taught, Lorne/Kavanagh (R)

Title: Some things don’t need to be taught.
Author: ria_kukalaka
Pairing: Lorne/Kavanagh
Word Count: 1020
Rating: R
Summary: Lorne teaches Kavanagh how to fire a gun.
Prompt: Oct 5th challenge at slashing_lorne: ‘Lorne or his lover teaches the other one something new’. And ‘088: School’ for fanfic100.
Disclaimer Not mine, I just like to play make-believe.

All the scientists were given basic weapons and hand-to-hand training when they were picked for the Atlantis mission. But now Colonel Sheppard had decided that they should have refresher courses every month. It's a good idea in theory, but trying to round up scientists is like herding highly intelligent, independent and stubborn sheep. It just doesn’t work.

Still it’s a good idea. So one night, late enough that no one else was using the make-shift shooting range, Major Lorne dragged along his own very reluctant scientist, with the promise of coffee, chocolate and all sorts of other rewards.

He ran through the basic stuff first. ‘Guns are dangerous. The best way to not get shot is not be involved.’ Kavanagh suffered through it with his best ‘I’m not a moron’ look held firmly in place. It didn’t make Nick go any faster though.

Once done, he pulled out his berretta from his thigh strap. "To really comprehend how dangerous these are, you need to understand how they work." He dissembled the gun, talking about each piece in turn. It’s second nature to him, so he watched Kavanagh making sure he's not going too fast. When he finished, he showed him how to assemble it again, leaving the clip out but demonstrating where it'd go.

He handed the weapon over to Cal. "You try? Just take it apart. Tell me what the parts are and then put it back." He instructed, but kept the clip back.

“Nick, you realise I have done this before. And it’s not exactly rocket science.” Kavanagh complained but he did so anyway, doing a pretty good job of repeating Nick’s actions.

“Good.” Nick encouraged. He handed over the clip, a little reluctantly. "Now push that in hard. It should snap into place. Then turn the safety on. Just like I showed you, ok?"

Kavanagh hid his pleased smile at impressing Nick and covered it with a scowl instead. “Right, and what comes after C again sir?”

“The part where you get to try and hit something." Lorne replied grinning without missing a beat. He demonstrated the proper stance with an imaginary gun and forced Calvin to mirror him as best as possible.

"That's not bad, but there are a few things I'd adjust." He stood close behind him, slipping his knee in between Cal's legs and pushing them further part, trying to ignore the frisson of lust that run up his spine at the intimate contact. "That's right," he said softly, leaning against him, his head almost on the scientist’s shoulder, "widen your stance, it'll increase your stability."

"And you need to bend this elbow a little more," he continued in that same low tone, speaking almost directly in his ear. He was now running his hands across Cal's arm, lining it up with the weapon, positioning his elbow and wrist, going all the way down to his fingertips, ensuring they were wrapped around the gun correctly.

His hands left Calvin's arm and slid down his torso, coming to rest on his hips. He could have just placed them there but this seemed like the most natural thing to do. "Square your hips," he coached, doing it for him, running his hands down the top of his thighs to check that both sides were in the same plane.

Kavanagh couldn’t tell if Nick was teaching him or teasing. He did know his blood was starting to head south, making it pretty damn difficult to focus on the gun in his hand. He leaned back into the other man, pleased to find that he wasn’t the only one affected.

“Focus.” Nick ordered sternly, though he couldn’t deny the sparkle in his eyes at seeing his lover look so sexy and dangerous at the same time. Reluctantly, he stepped away, giving him instructions on how to aim and fire. He picked up a pair of oversized headphones and slipped them on Kavanagh, ruffling his hair tightly bound hair in the process. He wore his own on too, before gesturing at the scientist to fire.

Calvin half-heartedly aimed and squeezed the trigger a few times, emptying his clip.

Eyeing the paper target from where Lorne was standing it looked like Kavanagh had missed completely, but he slipped behind him again, removing both of their ear protectors and pressed the button to recall the paper.

One of his shots had clipped the bottom edge of the black body outline, equivalent to the lower leg but the rest were all wide. "Not bad." He said, holding it out so it was in front of Cal, with Lorne just behind, his arms therefore trapping the other man’s body. "But you need to aim more for the center. The head or chest. Aim to kill."

“Do I really have to?” Kavanagh whispered softly, turning his head ever so slightly was his lips were next to Nick’s cheek, his warm breath tingling Nick’s skin. “Because I can think of at least three things that I’d rather be doing with you.”

“You might not think that the next time the Wraith attack.” Lorne retorted, directing Calvin back to the paper target.

“The next time there’s a Wraith attack, I would definitely rather be with you.” He snapped back. Nick smiled and forced Cal’s arm up, supporting it in position.

“The sooner you do this the sooner we can move on.” Nick replied tantalisingly. Kavanagh couldn’t fault the logic so he pulled his ear protection back on and fired again, putting more effort into it this time.

It was another 20 minutes of Nick caressing his body and whispering innuendos into his ear and pushing his growing hardness against his ass in the name of teaching before the paper came back with more shots around the main body mass and only two off the side.

“Much better. Ok so next we should - ” Calvin shut him up with a kiss, pushing him against the plastic barrier of the shooting booth.

“Next, you do as I say.” He growled, grasping both of Nick’s hand and pinning them above his head whilst he devoured his mouth again.
Tags: fanfic100, lorne/kav, oct challenge

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