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Lorne/Kavanagh, Birthday

Title: Three hundred and sixty-four days
Author: ria_kukalaka
Pairing: Lorne/Kavanagh
Rating: NC-17
Prompt 091: Birthday
Summary: A very private birthday celebration on Atlantis.
Disclaimer: Alas they still don’t belong to me.
Word Count: 832
Notes: Complete, utter birthday fluff, no redeeming qualities. *g* Thanks to the most awesome imagechild for the superfast beta.

After ensuring his lover’s lab was otherwise empty, Nick Lorne stealthy crept in. “I didn’t get you anything,” he whispered into Kavanagh’s ear, as the scientist huddled over his laptop.

“Nick!” Kavanagh exclaimed, jumping out of his chair ever so slightly. “Are you trying to earn me a premature grave?” He asked irritably, and then looked around the room, noting the closed door. “Or yourself a dishonourable discharge?” He added more mildly, rolling his eyes.

“Nope, just trying to say ‘Happy Birthday’.” He replied casually with a shrug. Snaking one arm around Kavanagh’s body, he tapped the date on the bottom of the computer screen.

“Oh right,” he murmured absentmindedly, but firmly pushed Nick away. “Well it’ll still be today in a couple of hours. Meet me in my quarters when I’m done here.”

Nick made a show of thinking it over, biting his lower lip and hesitating for several minutes. “Nah. Like I said, I haven’t gotten you anything, I need to make it up to you.” He deadpanned.

Kavanagh rolled his eyes, yet again, reminding himself that Lorne was an incredibly good lay and sighed melodramatically. “Surely even your sex addled brain can see that this is not a good - ”

Lorne suddenly spun Kavanagh’s chair around, cupped his face in one hand, wrapped the other around the back of his neck and pulled him into a determined kiss. Cal struggled to pull back but Nick tightened his hold and gently worked his tongue past Cal’s closed lips, slowly exploring the whole of his mouth in that languid way he enjoyed. After a few moments Cal felt his body relax in response and leaned into the kiss, beginning his own exploration.

“Door’s locked.” Nick mentioned casually as an explanation after they separated, gasping for breath. “And look what other fun things I found out I can control.” He added with a wide grin. Almost as soon as he’d spoken, panel appeared on the wall closest to them. Nick pulled it out and behind it was stored a blanket, a couple of cushions and one of the small storage boxes the Daedalus had been shuffling back and forth.

Nick spread the blanket on the floor and placed the box next to it. He propped the cushions next to the wall and made himself comfortable, leaning against them. He looked up to see that Kavanagh was watching him, completely stunned. “Not intending to join me?” Nick asked after he’d been sitting for a few moments. “It’s just about large enough for two. We may have to squeeze together.”

Kavanagh smiled and decided this was far too planned for Nick to not know what he was doing. Shaking his head on principle, he lay down, draping himself half on Nick and peppered his lover with light kisses everywhere; over his eyes, at the corner of his lips, just behind his left ear, down his neck, at the skin of his wrist.

Nick reciprocated gladly by touching and groping. He ran one hand up and down the other man’s back. Stopping at each of the pressure points, he slid the fingers of his free hand under Cal’s shirt, reaching automatically for his sensitive nipples. He sighed as the other man whimpered in pleasure. He pulled away slightly then, drawing a whimper of a different calibre.

“Relax Cal, you’re gonna like this.” He comforted, reaching for the box. Kavanagh leaned across to try and look inside but Lorne, ready for that, moved it out of sight.

“Uh uh, you gotta close your eyes first.” He said, barely containing his amusement.

“Why? Are we twelve?”

“Close your eyes or you don’t get to see.” Nick repeated in mock threat.

“I can’t see with my eyes closed either.” He sniped back.

Chuckling, Nick removed his partner’s glasses and ran his fingers over Cal’s eyelids, forcing them to close. “Good. Now open your mouth.” He continued with his instructions.

“Make me!” Nick took advantage of his speech to put a finger in the centre of his mouth careful not to touch his tongue. Not quite sure what he was up to, Cal closed his lips around it and sucked. Something sweet and rich exploded on his tongue. “Chocolate!”

He opened his eyes in disbelief to see Nick holding a small, round cake covered with white chocolate icing, doused generously in dark chocolate sprinkles. He tried to say something, but for the first time in as long as he could remember, he was completely speechless.

Nick smiled happily, scooping up more of the frosting on his finger, rubbing it on Cal’s lips then pulling him in for a sweet kiss. “Ok I lied, I did get you something. But it was very selfishly motivated. I just want to lick it all off you.”

“Really not going to complain! As long as I get to return the favour.” He whispered whilst smearing a thumb-full of icing across his chin and leisurely licking it off.
Tags: fanfic100, lorne/kav, sga
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