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Numb3rs, Charlie/Larry

Title: Sex, math and take-away.
Author: ria_kukalaka
Pairing: Charlie/Larry
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Our two favourite geeks spent a little quality time together.
Disclaimer: So not mine.
Notes: For fanboy_of_zeus. Also my first Numb3rs fic, so concrit is more than welcome.

“It always feels a little wrong to be doing this here, Charles.” Larry complained mildly as his partner enthusiastically removed all of his clothes.

“Relax, Dad finally convinced Don to go on a double date with him. They won’t be back for hours.” Charlie replied, his voice a little slurred, as his tongue was busy drawing out the polynomials for Rijndael's finite field across Larry’s abdomen.

“As much as I appreciate the beauty, you’re well aware of my ticklish disposition.” Larry replied, pulling Charlie towards the bed and finally helping him out of his pants and boxers. Charlie’s cock jutted out proud and flushed against his abdomen and Larry took it in hand, teasing the slit with a nail and lazily stroking the shaft until his lover was moaning breathlessly.

Charlie leaned into Larry, capturing his mouth in a series of messy kisses. His hands cupped Larry’s soft but perfectly rounded ass and squeezed firmly. “Bed,” he whimpered into his lover’s mouth and Larry was all too happy to oblige. He pushed Charlie backwards until the backs of his knees were hitting the edge of the bed. Then with one final gentle shove he flattened Charlie to the bed and climbed on top. His mouth attached to the sensitive pulse point on Charlie’s neck. “Wonderful idea, Charles.”

Charlie chuckled before moaning as Larry added teeth to his neck, and returned to his exploration of the physicist’s curvaceous rear. Larry’s hand skimmed down, tracing out the outline of his shoulders and chest, stopping to pinch a nipple. The soft yet guttural sound that Charlie released caused Larry to play with the other, smiling smugly.

Charlie responded by bucking up against him, bringing his hard cock in jarring contact with Larry’s and both men gasp at the spark of pleasure. They repeat the elegant movement, again and again. The delicious friction drove them both closer and closer to the edge. Going right to the point where Larry was losing all conscious thought, where the relative nature of time made sense in a way it never does in a classroom.

Suddenly it’s gone, he’s lying on his back, Charles no longer under him. It took him several long minutes to process what had happened. His lover was on the opposite side of the room already furiously scribbling something down.

“Charles, in some cultures it’s considered rude to leave a person hanging in this manner.”

“Hmm? Oh sorry.” He replied absentmindedly. “But I just had an idea on using asymmetric game theory to help figure out Don’s case.” He added, his voice still holding that distant quality and yet managing to be full of enthusiasm.

Despite himself, he smiled and padded across the soft carpet to look over Charles’ shoulder. Charlie took that as a request to continue so he happily explained the problem. Larry was only listening for the sake of politeness and to try and find an opportunity to steer his fervent partner back on to topic.

But it’s not long before he was completely engrossed, pointing out errors and adding in his own suggestions. They get lost, working like that, in perfect synergy. Charlie articulating thoughts as Larry’s having them; Larry easily completing Charlie’s sentences; both of them refining each other’s ideas.

That was how Don found them, a couple of hours later. The double date had been less than a success. But they’d brought the leftovers back for Charlie. He wasn’t responding to shouting up the stairs, so Don offered to take it up for him.

His mouth parted in surprise as he opened the door and saw his brother working alongside Larry, just like any other day, except neither of them were wearing any clothes. They both had their backs to him and were so absorbed in what they were doing, they hadn’t even noticed his presence.

His first response was everything he would have expected it to be: shock and disbelief; anger; a fierce protectiveness. But as he struggled to think of an appropriate way to react, he felt it all make sense all of a sudden. The soft caresses they shared as they passed each other pieces of paper. The obvious adoration when Larry stopped working for a minute to gaze idly at his partner. The casual way in which Charlie had his arm draped around Larry’s back.

He sighed pleased to see his kid brother so at ease. Obviously he breathed out a little too loudly since they both turned to look at him in one fluid moment. There was a moment of awkward silence where none of them knew what to say. Just as Larry opened his mouth to try and explain, Don cut in. “Didn’t see anything. Don’t need to know.” He put the food bag down and walked out, smiling to himself.
Tags: charlie/larry, numb3rs

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