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Fic: For Love, Part 2

Part 1

Everyone rushed to the control room, the argument forgotten, to see that about half the military personnel on base had gathered in The Embarkation Room, weapons at the ready. The Lt. sitting hopelessly at the main computer quickly moved for Sam but she was already typing commands. “You aren’t going to like this.” She started “Looks like [i]someone[/i] has managed to perfect a particle accelerator, much more powerful than Sokhar’s. At this rate they’ll be through the iris in ten minutes.”

“Three guesses on who that someone is!” Jack grimaced.

Daniel wasn’t willingly to play “Apophis - he wants Ammonet!!”

“I believe DanielJackson is correct.” Teal’c added.

“It does seem likely.” Anise also added.

“Nobody appreciates my humour!” Jack sighed falsely. And then noticing that at the minute no one did appreciate it. So he converted into his full ‘Colonel mode’. “Can’t you cool down the gate, like we did the first time, and delay his overly showy entrance?”

“I wouldn’t recommend it. I can’t be sure but from what I’m seeing here I think Apophis has managed to make another *little* adjustment. Looks like this accelerator can draw energy from it’s source AND target! Energy in any form! If we blast it with super cooled.......”

“Fascinating!” Jack replied in a tone that said ‘helllloooo - time limit’.

“So that won’t work” Sam finished taking the not too subtle hint, which caused something occured to her “But maybe, if I can deflect the beam that’s not possible...not with the intensity deflection coefficient what it is.....BUT maybe I can decrease the beam hardening by deflecting the proportion of the beam with the greatest ionising power. That should be enough to protect the iris.”

“Good. Can you do it?”

“I have no idea. Until a few minutes ago, it wasn’t even theoretical!”

“Get on it.”

“Use whatever resources you need.” The General added.

“He’s after Ammonet” Daniel repeated, unable to comprehend why everyone else was acting so normal. “We should increase her guards.”

Jack and General Hammond exchanged a look. Jack was hoping the General would take this one but they both realised it was better if he did it himself. “Uhh Daniel, Ammonet is already guarded. By three men inside the room and two outside.”

“Against a contingent of Apophis’s Jaffa’s. It’s not enough!!!” Daniel replied, his voice both loud and shaky. Panic was beginning to overcome him.

“We need to protect key areas of the base and most of all try and stop them getting through the gate. I can’t spare any more for Ammonet, sorry Daniel.”

“You don’t have to spare many....not many...but a few? Right? Three?? Four?” Panic know mixed with dread.

Jack just shook his head in regret and apology. Stuck, as he was, between duty and a sincere desire to help his friend - both his friends. Sha’re too.

Teal’c had a solution though “Since I possess more strength than most members of the Tauri, I will replace one of the guards protecting Ammonet.”

“NOO!” Daniel shouted on impulse. His subconscious telling him that Teal’c would not hesitate to kill a Goa’uld and sacrifice it’s host, even Sha’re, if she threatened anyone else. But the looks of concern that he received from Sam and Jack and mainly the one of pure guilt that the normally stoic Teal’c graced him with, caused him to add “What I meant is that even Teal’c is not enough.....But that’s okay. I’m going too.”

“No, Daniel, you’re not. You are waaay to close to this. Teal’c won’t be able to concentrate fully if he has to worry about you too. You can stay here and help us keep them well away from her.” Jack said rationally. Of course what he meant was ‘*I* can’t concentrate fully if I have to worry about you. So stay where I can keep an eye on you.’

Daniel, though touched, was not buying it and not willing to argue. “I’m going too.”

“Sir, we have 5 minutes, at best before they penetrate the iris. I still haven’t managed to stop them.”

“Okay. Carter. keep trying. General, we’re going to need to supply everyone with knives, arrows, anything of the like that we can get our hands on, as well as the conventional weapons. Anise, get out of sight. Maybe you can go help ‘protect’ our guest. Whatever but let’s keep Tok’ra information away from the Goa’uld. Daniel, with Anise to help as well, they don’t need you.”

“I’m going too!”

“Fine.” Jack acquiesced realising he didn’t have the time to argue but made a silent prayer to whatever God looked over stubborn geniuses hellbent on a mission. “Teal’c keep on eye on Anise too will you.” He almost added ‘and Daniel’ but knew that Teal’c would do that anyway. No need to ruffle feathers.

“I will” Teal’c answered unnecessary. Before he, accompanied by Daniel and Anise, headed off in the direction of the holding cells.

Sam sighed in frustration “I’m sorry sir. I just don’t have enough time.”

“Then I suggest you arm yourself. That goes for you too still remember how to do that right?”

“I remember” Maybourne replied simply, instead of rising to the challenge. ‘After all *one* of us needs to keep a cool head.’

“General, maybe you should consider a relocation...” Jack continued, surprised at Maybourne’s self control.

“I’m staying right here.....General goes down with the base!” The General’s rare joke managed to get a smile from everyone in the room, everyone but Maybourne who was busy working on keeping that cool head!

“General, it’s the same principle as with Anise. You’re too valuable to run the risk of being captured.”

“Colonel, I’ve been serving in the military almost as long as you’ve been alive. I *do know* how to defend myself.”

“With all due respect sir, you’re as stubborn as Daniel!” Which resulted in more smiles all round (expect Maybourne of course). ‘Must be the nervous tension’ Jack thought ‘I don’t get this much of a reaction when I actually try to be funny!’

But that mood was changed instantaneously as Sam warned: “Sirs they’re coming through.”


WARNING: Character death....maybe more than one, haven’t decided yet.
RATING: I’m not sure but I’m gonna make it PG-13 to be on the safe side.

At Sam’s warning, everyone rushed to the gateroom, to join the SFs already there, their new weapons at the ready alongside the more conventional ones.

The wormhole engaged. The reinforced titanium/trinium iris simply ceased to exist. A large ‘splash’ of naquada. And then scores of Jaffa came marching through. The members of the SGC fought bravely and hard. Countless Jaffa fell. But Apophis’s army was larger than ever. They kept on coming. Jaffa energised by the thought of serving their God well. No matter how many of them were killed, they kept on coming. Still no sight of Apophis or any of his pet Goa’uld. Wise tactic really, let the Jaffa wipe out the enemy, before they even make an appearance.

Human causalities lay scattered all over the Gateroom. Janet Fraiser ran from here to there, expertly dodging fire from both sides. Carrying no weapon. Her hands were too full of medical equipment. The SF assigned to ‘watch her back’ had fallen a long time ago. She was just too easy a target. And she knew it, not that that would stop her.

Jack reloaded his gun. No need to waste the more precious weapons on Jaffa who weren’t honoured enough by their Goa’uld masters to be given personal shields. ‘No don’t think like that’ he ordered himself ‘they’re the enemy. That is all you need to know.’ He reminded himself of his military training. But too many years around Daniel caused him to add ‘You can grieve later.’ Looking around, he could see their would be plenty of grieving. ‘God is that Simmons? Oh Fraiser’s there, she’ll make sure he’s okay.’ He smiled grimly ‘At least we’ve managed to keep them in the Gateroom. They can’t do...’ And that was the last thing he could think before he felt a searing pain, all down his left leg. His first impulse was too scream. But knew he couldn’t risk revealing his position. ‘Just sit tight, the Doc’ll get to you soon enough.’

Sam saw Jack get shot, saw who’d fired. Instantaneously she took him out. ‘Revenge really is sweet’. Her revenge cost her a lot though. She had, only momentarily, turned her attention away from the platoon of Jaffa who were trying to get through the doors and into the base. She was backing up SG7 in keeping them in. But as she turned back, she saw them go through. Silently she motioned SG7 to follow them. She was about to take up the rear ‘my mistake, I’ll fix it’ she thought. Until Janet came running to her.

“Jack’s down.” She whispered.

“So are a lot of people” the Doctor replied solemnly. “Which is why I have to stay here. But I sent Feretti and Makepeace on a mission, which I need you to finish.” Before Sam could even protest, already being *a little* busy with a mission, Janet continued telling her the details, quickly. Once finished Sam didn’t have the heart to argue. So she headed to the infirmary, hoping against hope that she hadn’t sent SG7 to their deaths.


Outside Ammonet’s cell Teal’c, Daniel, Anise and the guards, were even more agitated than the people fighting for their lives. They knew, of course, what was happening. Knew that their colleges and friends were in trouble, possibly dead. Knew that the whole planet could be over run by Apophis’s Jaffa. Yet they could only stand still and silent, waiting for an attack that might never come.

As if to answer their boredom, Sam appeared, her cheeks a little flushed. “Major Carter, were you not required...” Teal’c began but Sam stopped him with a wave of her hand.

“Daniel, I need your help.” She said grabbing his hand and dragging him in the direction of his office. Daniel was about to protest, this is were he’s supposed to be, but something in Sam’s expression made him reconsider. This wasn’t just another Jack method to keep him ‘safe’. This was serious.

“Okay” he said to her shaking his hand free and then turned to Teal’c. “That’s my wife in there.” He started but didn’t know what else to say ‘So don’t even think about killing her again?’ Or ‘This time I won’t forgive you?’ Or...

Teal’c, sensing his unease, rescued him with “I understand.”


Back in the Gateroom, things were getting seriously out of hand. There were just too many Jaffa and more of them kept coming.

Dr. Frasier had been shot at by a staff weapon at close range, squarely in the chest. ‘I guess the Jaffa thought I was too much trouble!’ she thought bitterly, not at all regretting her profession. She had ordered the rest of her staff to stay in the infirmary and get ready for the waves of injured that there were bound to be so she didn’t waste her energy hoping for a rescue. Instead she started shouting instructions to Lt. Dufresne, one of the marines, on how to treat the other patients. This is what she continued to do, through all the agony, right until the moment she lost consciousness.

And the Jaffa kept coming. It was impossible to keep them in. Currently they were flooding every adjacent corridor looking for The Queen of Apophis. What few soldiers from the gate room could still stand were following, and still shooting. Amongst them Maybourne and the General, who had managed so far to get away with only a flesh wound to his right shoulder. Who were joined by almost everyone on base, except those guarding Ammonet, all other ‘key areas’ had long been forgotten.

The soldiers who couldn’t stand, could still guard the Gate. Amongst them Jack and Simmons who had adapted a ‘shoot anything that comes through the gate’ policy. It still wasn’t working. There were too many ‘things’ coming through the gate. They couldn’t injure any more than one in ten. Which didn’t even slow them down.

After what seemed to them, like days of that but was in actual fact only a few hours, the Jaffa stopped coming. They waited, guns at the ready, but still no Jaffa. Just as they started to relax Apophis and Somnus arrived surrounded by more Jaffa - Apophis’s Red Guard. They all knew the drill and started shooting and throwing knives for all their worth. Still most of them were badly injured and only a few shots were successful . Apophis and Somnus managed to leave unharmed and headed straight in the direction of the holding cell - Apophis recalling it’s location from his last visit.


“Machello’s Goa’uld killers? How did Janet manage that?” Daniel asked Sam whilst rushing down an empty corridor.

“I didn’t ask. Seemed like a long story. Important thing now is to get them inside Ammonet.” Sam replied, just a tad impatiently. She was glad that she got to help Daniel bring Sha’re back of course. But the years of military training kept on telling her she should be out there protecting the base. Which is what she wanted to get back to, ASAP.

“Uuhh Sam, you do realise we’re heading away from......her.”

“Well I did think about going up and asking her ‘Hey Ammonet, mind if we stuff these little things up your royal ass so that they can kill you?’ but I decided that *may* not work.” She said, knowing that her impatience was definitely getting out of hand. “Sorry I’ve been spending way too much time around Jack O’Neill” she apologised and managed a smile out of him.

“So where are we going?”

“Your office. Ferreti and Makepeace managed to secure a Goa’uld tablet from Ma’chello’s collection too. Now we need someone familiar in Goa’uld to rewrite it into something Ammonet would want to read enough to turn the page so she’ll be infected.”

“Oooh! Yes! Of course!” Daniel almost shouted in his excitement. So what should we write?”

“You’re the linguist!”


“Someone is approaching” Teal’c, informed the rest of his group.

“Maybe Major Carter and Dr. Jackson are returning.” Anise suggested.

“No. The pattern of footfalls would indicate a group of Jaffa. It would be wise to prepare yourself” he said to the airmen, who proceeded to follow his suggestion. A few moments later, they were visible.

The shooting started.


“Daniel, be careful” Sam warned while going back towards Teal’c position “Sounds like a fire fight.”

“Sha’re! They...Sha’re....”

“ who we’re going to save. But I can’t do it without you. Don’t lose it now, Daniel!” She whispered loudly, thinking ‘how come the military never taught how to deal with a man who’s had to go through waaay too much in his life and now fears losing his wife again for the second time.’

But Daniel had been through enough to know how to handle a situation like this. Within seconds, there was a visible change in his facade as he tried to control his emotions. Together they sneaked towards the group.

This gave them an incredibly well needed advantage. Sam shot the three Jaffa’s who were grappling with Teal’c. Whilst Daniel got out his knife and aimed for Apophis’s heart. Whether he was just a bad shot or on some subconscious level he couldn’t get himself to kill Apophis, he didn’t know. What he did know was the knife embedded in a non-fatal position in the left side of Apophis’s abdomen.

Apophis went down. His remaining Jaffa surrounded him, more worried about his life than there own, making them that much easier to kill. Daniel walked towards the fallen figure. Thought of all the pain he’d gone through because of this man. Thought of everything Sha’re must have gone through. All of a sudden him being a bad shot seemed like the more realistic option. He knelt down, ignoring the dead Jaffa, and twisted the knife deeper.

Apophis screamed in agony.

Some part of Daniel, which he’d thought never existed, smiled in satisfaction. He pulled the knife out again way to quickly and was about to reposition it when Sam spoke, the disgust evident in her voice “Um sleeping beauty might wake up any second to send us all to sleep.....” She said gesturing to the zatted Somnus.

“So kill him.”

“Actually I thought we could give him to Maybourne instead of Sha’re. So why don’t you leave..this....and come help Sha’re.” She finished, choosing her words carefully.

It worked “okay” he agreed quietly. Then followed Sam into Ammonet’s holding cell.

“My Dan’iel, I was wondering when you’d come back to visit me.” Ammonet teased using the inflections of her host. Daniel, though the pain radiated from his eyes, spoke with as much control as the situation called for: “Your Lord Apophis is attacking this world.”

Ammonet smiled smugly “He has come for me as I knew he would. You will all suffer greatly for your insolence.”

“He has come. However, we are a planet under Asgard protection and Apophis does not want to risk going to war with the Asgard.” Daniel continued neglecting to mention that Apophis hadn’t exactly acted like he gave a damn what the Asgard thought.

Ammonet’s arrogant smile vanished to be replaced with a look of genuine panic. ‘Good’ Sam thought ‘let the snake squirm a little.’

“Therefore we have come to an agreement. Apophis, at the moment, does not wish the destruction of this planet, so he will leave. On one condition, we let you go. We agreed. We have a copy of the document so you can read it for yourself and decide if you agree.” Daniel extended the Goa’uld tablet he’d falsified.

Ammonet took the tablet from him.

From that same dark place, Sha're screamed silently. She couldn’t control her voice but she could scream with her conscience. And she screamed. She had been through a lot. Had seen herself commit genocide.....and worse. Had watched in disgust while her Goa’uld captor tried to kill her husband. Had thought it was finally all over with her death, only to be brought back so she could go through everything again. But nothing compared to this. This insurmountable sense of betrayal. Her husband, her beloved Dan’iel, was letting her go. He was going to stand back and watch while the demon inside her won. It couldn’t be true. She couldn’t believe it. So she screamed. With all the energy she had left she screamed. And Ammonet, who spent so many years ignoring her, heard her.

She paused. “Why would you allow this do happen to your mate?”

‘Damn’ Daniel thought ‘that wasn’t a question I was expecting. Since when have the Goa’uld stopped to consider their hosts.’ He knew he had to put on a good act, so he let the formal stance he’d be holding for so long fall. He looked down at his hands and said: “Apophis is too powerful. I love Sha’re but the whole of the planet is at stake. There’s really no contest.” He said thinking that there really would be no contest, he’d pick Sha’re over the world in a heartbeat.

But Sha’re had been away from him to long to be able to sense his thoughts. She could only hear his words. She saw the truth in them. So Ammonet was convinced, she skimmed through the first page and then used Ma’chello’s page turning device to move on.


Outside the room, Somnus awoke to see the two human guards had their weapons pointed towards him. However they had made a mistake, they were standing too close to him. In the chaos Teal’c had forgotten to warn them. Somnus reached out both of his hands and in the same instant sent both of the soldiers to sleep.

Teal’c had his full attention on what he saw as the miserable form of a false god and fallen system lord lying pitifully on the ground. So was startled to hear the sounds of the airmen falling to the ground. He turned around to see what was happening but Somnus had already come up behind him and put him to sleep too.

He then swept his right hand through the air in front of him and a Goa’uld healing device appeared on it. It was another one of his special abilities - it had earned him his title as healer. He walked towards his master, Apophis and started to use the device.

Sam hearing the commotion and seeing that she was no longer needed in the room stepped out to see Somnus hunched over Apophis, she shot one of her knives towards him but he foresaw it and moved out of the way. It struck Apophis in his forehead. The symbiote was already weak and couldn’t even slow down the large amount of bleeding. Somnus moved back towards him and tried the healing device again. It wouldn’t work. He tried it again but then threw it off in frustration.

“What have you done?” He cried I can not heal an injury so severe without the help of a sarcophagus.”

Sam who had her last knife pointed towards Somnus replied with: “I don’t think that should be your biggest concern right now.” Somnus realising the truth in the statement fled from the hallway back towards the gate, signalling to the remaining Jaffa to do the same. Apophis had been defeated. There was no point in continuing this fight. The air force personnel, who were still not doing very well, were more than glad to just let them go back.


Daniel crouched down beside Ammonet who had fallen to the floor after being infected by multiple organisms. He held her, stroked her hand, patted her back, whispered reassuringly to her during every scream and every flinch. Not knowing if the pain was Ammonet’s or Sha’re’s.

Eventually she opened her eyes to look directly in his and said questioningly: “husband?”

Daniel just cried. He’d wished and hoped for this moment for so many years and now that it had arrived he didn’t know what to do. He had so much to tell Sha’re, he didn’t even know where to start. All this emotion was presenting itself in the form of tears he couldn’t control. But at least this time, they were tears of joy.

Remarkably Sha’re was coping a lot better. She wasn’t really sure what was going on and what all the rushed activity around her was about. But she got the feeling that it was her fault. ‘No, not mine. Ammonets.’ She corrected herself. But it was hard to aviod the impression that a lot of people were severely injured and she couldn’t help feeling responsible.

“Dan’iel, I want to help them.” She said, just a little concerned that her husband hadn’t spoken to her yet.

“No, Sha’re. You’re weak, you need to rest. Let me take you to the infirmary.”

“No Dan’iel.” On Abydos she had always been taught to never disagree with anything her father, or later her husband said. But she’d spend years being an instrument for someone else’s whims. It felt good to be able to assert her independence. It helped that she knew that was what Daniel always wanted from her anyway. So she repeated, more sure of herself now. “No Dan’iel. I feel fine.....better than I have for many years. Let me do something to help them.” With that she got up from the floor and opened the door to the room that had finally freed her of her demon.

The first thing she saw caused her to turn back and bury her head in Daniel’s soft chest. The unmoving form of Apophis lying across the floor. Daniel felt like he was in heaven, he had stopped dreaming of being this close to Sha’re a very long time ago. He held her tight and wasn’t sure if he could ever let go.

Sha’re was thinking along the same lines. Most of her was anyway, a tiny little voice inside her commanded ‘Fight. You can’t let Apophis beat you like this.’ At first she just ignored it. She’d been living with two people inside her for long enough to know how to cope. Until she realised that this time that voice really was a part of her. She used to be that voice. So she reluctantly but firmly pulled herself away from Daniel.

He was about to protest until he saw her reach for the door again. Instantaneously he was behind her, hand resting lightly but reassuringly on her shoulder. “You’re strong enough to do this, my love.” He whispered in her ear.

“I am strong enough to do this.” She repeated out loud.

She opened the door again. Initially avoiding Apophis’s figure, but then she walked up to him and bent down, checking his pulse. There was none. She hadn’t expected one. But still she couldn’t put herself completely at ease.

Daniel sensing her distress smiled at her, saying: “We don’t have a sarcophagus.” She smiled too. Knowing that it was finally over. Both Apophis and Ammonet were dead. It felt like all her demons had been slain.

Her eyes wandered, taking in the sight of the corridor. Her new home. On the floor she saw Somnus’s discarded healing device. She put it on and almost instinctually managed to get it to glow. Walking down the corridor a little she came across a fallen airman, still breathing but only just. She used the device, not quite sure how she was doing so, within seconds though he was breathing normally. “Thanks” he croaked. Wondering why one of the snake-heads had helped him. Until she saw Daniel walk up beside her. “Oh congratulations Dr. Jackson.” Really meaning it. He didn’t know the geeky scientist all that well but he did know if anyone deserved a shot at happiness, it was these two.


Sha’re had been healing every causality she came across. She couldn’t bring back the dead, but nothing else seemed to stop her. ‘Maybe it’s just sheer determination’ Daniel mused ‘Afterall Kendra did say that it worked by mind control.’

Sha’re wasn’t alone in her determination. Sam had had the same idea. She’d retrieved their healing device from storage, though she was progressing slower, between them and with the help of every base personnel with any sort of medical training whatsoever, they had just about managed to save every life that could possibly be saved.

That just left Janet. She was the first one Sam had tried to save, she told herself, it wasn’t preferential treatment. It was triage, it made sense to deal with the most critical patients first. She wasn’t sure she believed that. It hadn’t mattered though, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t help her friend. She soon realised she was wasting time and the good little soldier inside her forced her to move on.

By the time Sha’re got to Janet, it was just a little too late. She had just stopped breathing moments ago. She exchanged a look with Daniel, both of them knowing that Sha’re hadn’t managed to save anyone this far gone. But she sensed this was someone close to her husband so she had to try. She ran the device over her chest, it didn’t make any difference. She ran it over the other wounds. Still no luck. So she started the procedure again. Again without any success. She saw Daniel take the hand of this woman. She could almost hear him praying for her. So she tried again. It felt good. To be able to use this technology for some good. Making up for a small amount of the pain, the beast in her body had caused. She realised that having two dead Goa’uld wasn’t enough - she was slaying her very last demon right now. Or at least she was trying.

Sam, as soon as she realised that there were no more causalities, came back to the gateroom to try Janet again. On entering, even under these circumstances, she took the time to be amazed by the sight that met her. She knew of course that Sha’re was back and playing field medic. But seeing Daniel and Sha’re side by side, trying to rescue the woman who had brought them together, was something worth smiling about. She appreciated the sight for just a moment longer. Then she joined Sha’re in her efforts. Together they caused Janet to stir, and than start breathing erratically, followed by an episode of violent coughing. After that it was just child’s play. Within half an hour, Janet was back on her feet and snapping orders as usual.



With the SGC returning somewhere close to normal, Maybourne and Anise had remembered their mission. Neither could be too disappointed at the result of this for too long though. Also Sha’re as with the ability to use the healing device, had implicit memories about a lot of Goa’uld technology and Apophis’s and Ammonet’s plans.

“It must be a side effect of Machello’s Goa’uld killers. We never have seen them in action on a Goa’uld before.” Daniel hypothesised.

Truth was, at the present time, no one really cared all that much. Sha’re was pouring out useful information. General Hammond, whose injury had also been treated by Sha’re, had given the whole base at least 64 hours of down time. It wasn’t like they could do much with the base in it’s current state anyway. It was going to take longer than that to get everything functional again. And that promised to be a long, tough effort so he wanted everyone to rest first.

Jack had other ideas. He was planning a party. The largest one in airforce history actually. Apparently the gateroom had good acoustics - absolutely perfect for a live band. And SG-12 were supposedly quite talented musicians.


Music filled the gateroom and almost everywhere else. Siler had somehow managed to arrange it to be transmitted through the Comm system. Daniel and Sha’re were unsurprisingly inseparable and had been flooded with ‘congrats’. When Feretti tried it Daniel just mouthed a simple “Thank you” to him. It was not like he would be able to hear him in this anyway. ‘But I have to get the full story on that sometime’ he thought.

Makepeace and Jack were having a beer drinking contest. With all the Marines cheering on Makepeace but Sam, Janet and about three quarters of the female population of the base on Jack’s side (the former Danielites had thought it wise to switch since the much loved Dr. Jackson seemed like he would be a little occupied for a very long time - hopefully.) Jack was doing quite well, until he remembered Janet and Sam talking about how Makepeace had voluntarily helped to bring Sha’re back to them. So he let him win. Much to everyone’s amazement and Makepeace’s delight.

Jack had sent out personal invitations to Kasuf, Skaara and anyone else on Abydos who wanted to come along. At seeing Sha’re they were even more amazed than the beer contest fans and it took quite a lot of unsuccessful explaining. Before Sha’re just exclaimed “The Gods defeated all my demons and sent me back to you. We should accept it joyfully and not question it.” That worked. And currently the Abydosian kids were having a great time with this new version of ‘moonshine’. Much to Sha’res amusement.

Her sweet laughter echoed in Daniel’s ears. He could feel the warmth of her body next to hers. Could also see everyone else close to him - happy. Maybe it was his imagination but Sam seemed to be cheering for Jack just a little too enthusiastically. He smiled. Life didn’t get much better than this.

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