Maria (ria_fics) wrote,

Lorne/Kav, NC-17

A Lorne/Kav drabble written for thefannishwaldo's drabble tree.

Cool water gently ran over them both. Lorne was holding it that way though his hands were braced against the shower wall whilst Kavanagh pushed up behind him, not entering, just enough to tempt him, knowing it was the fastest way to drive his lover crazy.

It didn’t take long for the desired result. “Come on….stop teasing….oh yeah….please.” Lorne murmured frantically, one hand moving to his aching cock.

A sly grin crossed Kavanagh’s features as he finally relents. It’s still slow and steady at first, until the scientist’s usual tight restraint fails. The temperature and speed of the water change randomly after that as Lorne’s thoughts become more and more uncontrolled.
Tags: lorne/kav, sga
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