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Irresistible, Radek smut, NC-17.

Title: Irresistible
Author: Maria
Summary: Radek is irresistible. (But then we knew that already *g*)
Genre: PWP. Complete, total, shameless smut.
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Radek/Rodney, Radek/John, Radek/Carson.
Disclaimer: This is what the show should be like. But as they’re not all constantly having desperate, messy sex with Radek, I obviously don’t own it.
Notes: Huge beta thanks to rosewildeirish, azicrow and noctuabunda who all made this much better than it was. Any remaining mistakes are, of course, my own fault. My first attempt at something higher than a PG-13 rating, so concrit totally welcome.

An insistent knock on the door awoke Radek. From the impatience of it he guessed it must be Rodney.

“It’s very late, what is wrong now?” Radek called, reluctantly getting out of bed.

“Open the fucking door, Radek,” Rodney answered, a touch of hysteria in his voice.

Radek rushed across the room, concerned at the tone of his friend’s voice. He released the door controls. He had barely taken in the sight of Rodney, wild-eyed, grinning and practically vibrating, before he was pushed almost violently through the door and against the wall. Rodney pressed his body hard against Radek’s and kissed him hungrily, teeth and lips clashing, with absolutely no finesse.

Radek tried to push away, surprised. But Rodney had the advantage of size and his body stayed smashed up against Radek’s, keeping him trapped in place. He started rubbing against the smaller man, desperate for the grinding sensation of his cock against Radek’s body, even if it was between several layers of clothes.

Radek was not quite sure what was going on but all rational thought had left him about the same time he’d felt Rodney’s erection, his own cock getting hard in reaction to it.

They still hadn’t broken off the kiss, lips and tongues working against each other’s, no skill, simply reckless emotion, making small needy noises into each other’s mouths. Radek tried to pull away to catch his breath, but Rodney wrapped a hand around the back of his neck and pulled him in closer still. He felt like he physically needed to be in contact with Radek, like he wouldn’t be able to survive if the other man moved away.

Radek’s hands worked up Rodney’s shirt; the feeling of touching bare skin sent electric jolts of pleasure through both of them. “Harder...Radek...more...need you...” Rodney gasped.

“Clothes, off!” Radek managed, his voice breathy.

“God! Yes! Genius!” Rodney exclaimed.

Radek’s nimble fingers went to work on Rodney’s trousers. He noticed his boxers were damp and quivered, realising that Rodney was already this turned on because of him. “Taking too long” Rodney whined, slapping Radek’s hands away. He quickly yanked off his own clothes before turning his attention on Radek. He gently removed his glasses and carefully placed them on the desk. He took a moment to appreciate the startlingly blue eyes that were looking up at him, unfocused and a little dazed. It sent a surge of heat down to his groin, which motivated him into action again, and he quickly stripped Radek of the rest of his clothes.

He then resumed grinding against him, grasping Radek’s ass firmly with both hands and positioning his body so that their erect cocks lined up. Radek wrapped his arms around Rodney’s broad shoulders for support and went with the movement, moaning ecstatically every time Rodney’s cock slid against his.

Suddenly the door opened and Sheppard stood in the entrance.

“Did you not lock the door, Rodney?” Radek yelled, embarrassed, trying to find something to cover himself with.

Before he could answer, Sheppard replied simply: “Atlantis will let me get away with most things, if I ask her nicely enough.”

“Yes, of course. Umm, Colonel why would you ask?” Radek was even more confused than earlier. Rodney, apparently having decided he was bored of the conversation went back to rubbing his entire body against Radek’s, playfully stroking his erection. Radek was unable to keep from whimpering in longing.

John didn’t bother with a reply; instead he forcefully tugged off his shirt, messing up his hair even more so than usual and moved in closer. He shifted Radek away from the wall, placing him so he could get in behind. He kissed Radek’s shoulder and then bit down hard. Radek screamed, a little in pain, mostly in delight.

‘This is definitely not normal’. His usually sharp brain was lagging. ‘They are not themselves. I should put an end to this’. He tried to pull away again but was met with a needy “please, Radek, please,” from Rodney and equally desperate sounds coming from John.

“Rodney, Colonel,” he tried again, instilling as much authority in his voice as the situation allowed. Sheppard stopped tracing the muscles in Radek's back with his tongue. He whispered “John” in Radek's ear, nipping it gently in the process before returning his attention to his back. Radek, nodded, breathless from Rodney’s fierce kisses, but tried once again to shuffle away from the two men. However John’s tongue had slowly been moving lower and was now languidly circling his entrance, wet and warm. “Bože,” Radek cried out, all sensible thoughts leaving him for the second time that evening.

John’s tongue moved in and out in quick, tantalizing thrusts. Rodney had been fondling his balls and now took his cock in his mouth. He cautiously swept his tongue over the tip and encouraged by the whimper from Radek, took in the entire length and sucked hard.

One of Rodney’s hands caressed the inside of Radek’s thigh. The other was wrapped around his own cock. The feel of Radek in him and under him triggered a hard and fast jerk off session. He came easily with only a few strokes, his warm release splattering over Radek’s legs. Radek stroked the other man’s cheek fondly and forced him to look up. The lust and desire reflected in those normally bright eyes, gave Radek a glimpse of the much deeper feelings lying behind the crazed actions. Something broke in Radek at the realisation and he came harder and longer than he’d ever come in his life. His orgasm drawn out even further, as two sets of mouths continued to work on him.

When it was finally over, he slumped down, exhausted and certain he could no longer stay on his feet. However John was supporting his weight from behind, at the same time as he tenderly dragged him towards the bed. Rodney tagged along, as he continued to touch and kiss every part of Radek that he could reach. He acted as if he were unable to get enough of the other man, despite the fact that they’d both just climaxed uncontrollably.

John pushed Radek onto the bed so he wound up on his right hand side facing John, the Colonel still half clothed. Radek’s exploring finger’s undid the zip and pushed the trousers to John’s knees. He then pulled down the blue cotton briefs and freed the rigid cock, smiling to himself as he felt the warmth of Rodney spooning behind him. Rodney seemed to be content to just hold on, the sudden sweetness compared to his earlier desperation made Radek’s heart ache. He felt like he’d be content to stay like this forever. That was until John produced lube.

Rodney applied a generous amount to his fingers and worked two of them inside Radek. Radek felt his breath catch in his chest when he noticed that he was hard again, his best refractory time for years.

John kissed him for the first time, deep and passionate. He had Radek’s face cupped by both hands, slender fingers running through soft hair. Radek let himself be lost in the incredibly sensual kiss for a moment. Finally they parted, Radek took the lube and used it to coat John’s cock in sure, strong strokes.

“In me now,” he pleaded.

They changed positions again, John moved behind Radek as the Czech was kissed by Rodney. Radek broke the kiss and pulled Rodney up higher. His lips slowly took in Rodney’s semi hard cock. His tongue ran over the head, tasting the leaking pre- come, which was bitter, but somehow not. He continued to suck and lick, caressing Rodney’s cock until he came in his mouth, hot and thick.

Lost in Rodney’s pleasure, Radek had barely noticed that John was still behind him. He’d been rocking softly, not quite entering, just teasing his entrance. However as soon as Radek was free, the rocking became more demanding. Radek found his hips moving in the same rhythm, almost of their own volition. John was forced deeper with each thrust. John’s thick cock stretched the tight band of muscle and moved past it. He plunged wildly until he found that sweet spot inside Radek which made him lose control and arch towards him, bucking his hips. They started fucking in earnest now, thrusting harder, faster, without restraint, which shot waves of pleasure wracking through Radek’s body with each movement. John came inside Radek, whilst repeatedly moaning his name, rapidly sending Radek over the edge.

Completely exhausted Radek started to drift off, comfortably snuggled, with the arms of both of his lovers surrounding him, until he remembered the absurdity of the situation. He reached towards the bedside table. Surprised that even this small movement seemed to arouse the other two men once more, but he doesn’t allow himself to be distracted. Finding his radio, he called Dr. Beckett. “I think there may be a medical emergency in my quarters.”

“How do you mean, maybe? Is someone hurt?” Carson’s replied.

“No. Not hurt, exactly.” Radek’s response was cut off with a gasp and then he added, “please hurry and come alone.”

“I’m on my way.”


Beckett walked into Radek’s room, his gene allowed him to unlock the door without problem, the potential medical emergency overriding any need for privacy. He was met with the sight of three almost naked men pressed together on the narrow bed. Radek was on his back, sweat glistening off his body, his face contorted in euphoria. Rodney was attached to his mouth, whilst John was sucking lower down, his trousers and underwear bunched at his ankles.

“Ohh, Dr.’re here,” Radek panted between kisses, closing his eyes as the emotions threatened to overwhelm him.

“Lad, what is going on?” Carson asked in his most professional voice as he kicked off his shoes and pulled off his trousers, underwear and socks with the efficiency of someone who’d had too many rushed encounters in on-call rooms.

“ummm...I...not...sure. Maybe something happened on their previous…mission” Radek struggled to form the sentence, his eyes still closed in bliss.

“I see” Carson replied in the same tone, as he shed the rest of his clothes and pulled John off Radek’s cock, taking his place.

“Car-son?” Radek asked, his eyes now wide with shock. John shot the doctor an annoyed look but took to sucking Radek’s fingers instead; he ran his hands across his chest and played with the thick hair there. Rodney continued to kiss him desperately as if he hadn’t noticed that anything had changed. Radek moaned again, low and deep, at the combined sensations of pleasure. Despite the physiological improbability, he felt his cock starting to harden again. ‘This may be the end of me’ he thought ‘but what a way to go’.
Tags: radek/carson, radek/john, radek/rodney, sga
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