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Keeping Secrets, Rodney/Radek, Lorne/Kavanagh

Title: Keeping Secrets
Author: ria_kukalaka
Summary: Kavanagh sees something he rather would not have.
Pairing: McKay/Zelenka
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine. If someone wants to give them to me though, I so would not object.
Author’s Note: Written for the 'Secrets' challenge at kavtolanon. First time writing Kavanagh, hope I’ve not stretched him past recognition. Thank you to azicrow for the beta.

Kavanagh stared in shock, well at least now he knew why McKay kept locking the lab without any prior warning. He probably shouldn’t have manually overridden the lock. But McKay always acted like the labs belonged to him, he was just trying to make a point. He didn’t expect to find out way more about the Chief Scientist than he ever wanted to know.

“Ohhh, Radek! Just. Like. That! So hot.” Rodney’s whispered moans hit him.

Way more. He thought, leaving quickly and locking the door again, grateful that the occupants had been too otherwise engaged to notice his presence. Obviously this needs to be reported. A relationship with someone under your command is clearly against all social rules. There’s no doubt it had led to favouritism and other unprofessional conduct. It explained why Zelenka was given so much more leeway than the other scientists.

Definitely someone would be hearing about this. If he has to live with the stupid military rules, McKay shouldn’t be allowed to ignore the common sense ones. Who to tell though? Weir would just ignore his concerns, as usual. Sheppard had that whole ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ thing. Plus he was too close to both McKay and Zelenka to pay any attention to him.

No, this was to be added to his ever-growing list of concerns to send back to Earth. But would they take his word over that of both of the others? He figured he needed to gather more evidence, which shouldn’t be difficult. Unlike McKay, he’s an actual scientist; he doesn’t go around making huge jumps of logic without substantial proof to back it up.


For the next few weeks, he noticed and catalogued every look they shared; each ‘innocent’ touch; the countless smiles; the occasions that the constantly busy McKay seemingly just sat and stared, admiring the other man. Most importantly, he recorded all the times one of the labs was inexplicably locked.

He also noticed that McKay was just as grouchy and haughty towards his lover as he was to everyone less, maybe even more so. It didn’t seem to be affecting their productivity, he reluctantly concluded. If anything their synergy seemed to feed their enthusiasm, making their work better.


The next time the Daedalus was scheduled to leave, he had a letter detailing all of their activities typed up and ready to go.

He didn’t send it.

It was because he hadn’t finished sorting out the evidence yet, he told himself. It was not because he was aware of how much happier both of his colleagues seemed. It was definitely not because he cared about something like that.


Increased productivity was a desired result, he realised, and the method employed to gain it was a positive outcome in itself. As a responsible member of the science team he decided it was his duty to be as productive as possible.

The next time he was working on a project with Simpson, he tried one of the open smiles he’d seen Zelenka use on McKay. She threw him a confused look in return and completed the data analysis on her own.

When Miko discovered the code for the Ancient device on MG6-899, he tried to congratulate her by lightly squeezing her shoulder and quickly running his fingers down her arm as McKay does when he’s particularly pleased. She responded with what sounded suspiciously like a squeak and suddenly remembered that she had to be elsewhere.

In one of his more generous moods, he even offered to show Novak a rather intimate cure he’d come across for hiccups. The thought alone took care of the hiccups for a good long while.


It wasn’t important, he reassured himself. None of the greatest minds had been appreciated in their own time. He was already in good company; he didn’t need any more.


A few days later, he ran into Lorne trying to access lab 3, which was predictably locked after McKay and Zelenka had finally figured out what was causing the energy drain at Pier 4.

“Major,” Kavanagh interrupted before he had had a chance to get the door open.

“Hey Doc,” Lorne replied with easy affability. He obviously hadn’t been in Atlantis long enough to know better. “I was looking for Dr. McKay.”

“He’s currently unavailable.” Kavanagh answered stiffly. “Anything I can help you with?” He added, directing the Major away from the lab.

“Yeah, I think there may be,” Lorne flashed him a comfortable smile and handed over a data pad. His fingers caressing the back of his hand for slightly longer than absolutely necessary causing a tingle across Kavanagh’s skin.

Kavanagh took a look at the pad. “Maybe we can discuss this over lunch?” He suggested, his stomach fluttering a little at the implication.

“Sure thing.” Lorne replied and turned him to the direction of the mess hall with a hand on his back. They walked side by side down the corridor, their arms brushing against each naturally.

Kavanagh smiled, already planning the use he was going to put his increased productivity to. And they said he wasn’t a team player.
Tags: lorne/kav, rodney/radek, sga
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