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Christmas Treats, Rodney/Radek

Title: Christmas Treats
Author: Maria
Summary: Elizabeth organises a Christmas party.
Pairings: Mainly Rodney/Radek, hints of others.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine. Really.
Notes: This was written for kerry_louise’s prompt of “fluffy McKay/Zelenka, no angst”. As it’s Christmas I’m sure she won’t mind sharing :D
Thanks to azicrow for the super-fast beta.

“I have heard that Dr. Weir spent a lot of time organising this party, to celebrate the various holidays that would be taking place if we were back on Earth.” Radek said conversationally whilst absent-mindedly rewiring a component of the data pad.

“Really?” Rodney replied, obviously too engrossed in his calculations to have been paying any attention.

“Lt. Crown worked out a schedule so that everyone on Atlantis could be there at some point during the evening.” Radek continued.

“Hmm, that’s interesting.” Rodney said in a manner which clearly implied that it was not.

“The crew of the Daedalus helped also. They had to ensure that the correct supplies were requisitioned and I believe…”

“Radek,” Rodney interrupted in irritation, “did you have a point?”

“I was thinking it would be unfair not to show appreciation for all the work that has gone into planning and…”

“We’re not in kindergarten anymore, Radek. If you want to go, go. I’m not stopping you.”

“If I leave you still working, I will have to deal with your criticisms on my level of dedication for the next several weeks, at least. Only solution is for you to come as well.”

“No thanks. I never did get the whole Christmas thing, besides I need to finish this.” Rodney shook his head empathically.

“Rodney, you are ‘working’ on a theorem to prove to Colonel Sheppard that the Millennium Falcon could out-fly one of our puddle jumpers.” Radek said, trying to keep the amusement out of his voice. “Besides if you do not come, I may have to send out a copy of that ‘article’ you were reading last week to every email address in the city.”

“What?” Rodney squeaked in surprise then cleared his throat. “How do you – did you find out…about that?”

Radek just raised his eyebrows and asked, “so are you coming or not?”

“Yes, yes, fine. I’ll go for a while. Like you said, we don’t want Elizabeth to feel that she’s not appreciated. But I am not staying long.”

“Good,” Radek replied and practically dragged the other man out of the lab and into the mess hall.

The mess hall, bustling with people, was barely recognisable underneath all the changes.

There was a large fully decorated Christmas tree in one corner with an intricate model of the stargate on top. A traditional menorah with all the candles lit sat in the centre a shelf. The rest of the room was sparkling with tinsel, holly and other festive décor.

A row of tables had been set along one wall. They were covered with a variety of different food including several large stuffed turkey’s, smoked ham, cod roe soup, apple pies, benne cakes, candied cranberries, chocolate logs, soofganiot, latkes, sweet potato pies and a large Christmas pudding.

In the centre a space had been cleared for a dance floor and seasonal music was being played through speakers that someone that fixed to the walls. Several couples were dancing. Radek stopped to watch for a moment and caught sight of Dr. Beckett, wearing a happy smile, which caused his eyes to twinkle. He had one arm around Colonel Sheppard’s waist and the other on his shoulder. The Colonel’s head rested on one of Carson’s shoulders and he was wearing a matching expression of contentment.

Rodney, predictably, headed straight for the food, barely noticing anything else. “Do not worry, I will go thank Dr Weir for both of us.” Radek muttered under his breath.

“Yes, good. You do that. I’ll be over there.” Rodney responded gesturing toward the food.

Radek rolled his eyes but headed into the crowd. He could see that everyone was enjoying themselves. He walked past Simpson feeding Miko something chocolately with her fingers. In the corner, Ronon and Teyla were either making out or sparring. It was sometimes difficult to tell with those two, but the situation should be taken into account, he mused with a wry smile. He took another look around for Dr. Weir and saw her standing to a side talking with Dr. Novak. Next to her Dr. Parrish was whispering something in Major Lorne’s ear, which made him blush and then laugh uncontrollably.

He headed towards them but glanced back to see what Rodney was doing. Rodney had taken his overfilled plate and was standing alone near the entrance. The sight made him turn around and walk back to his friend.

“Rodney, that may not be the wisest place to stand.” Radek remarked looking up. Rodney followed his eyes to see that some mistletoe had been attached to the roof. He made a mocking comment on the strange sense of romanticism that caused people to attach sentimental value to a parasitic plant and looked back at Radek to see that the other man was watching him intently. He suddenly felt inexplicably nervous, his mouth going dry. He licked his lips in an attempt to moisturise them. Radek had been following the movement, his own mouth falling open and his cheeks becoming a little flushed. Suddenly he stepped closer, cupping one side of Rodney’s face with his hand and kissed him, close mouthed, tentatively. Feeling nothing in return he started to step back but then Rodney’s mouth opened under his. He pushed his tongue into Rodney’s mouth and felt it being met by Rodney’s. The kiss deepened, becoming intense and hungry. Rodney was making small needy sounds into his mouth and he heard himself moaning in response.

They finally separated, both panting, unable to speak. Rodney realised he was still holding the plate and discarded it on the nearest table.

“Uh, it…um…seems I’m still standing here.” He managed to stammer after a few minutes. Radek smiled before leaning in to kiss him again. This time it was less desperate and they took long moments slowly exploring each other’s mouths. Radek ran his tongue along Rodney’s teeth and into the back, learning the shape of his mouth. Rodney sucked on the tongue before moving to bite on his lower lip. Rodney’s arms wrapped around Radek’s back and neck, his fingers running through soft hair. Radek surrendered himself completely to Rodney’s warm mouth and hot body.

“So not such a bad place to stand, huh?” Rodney asked with a smirk, after they’d reluctantly pulled apart for air.

“I am not complaining.” Radek replied, then added as an afterthought, “however maybe we could take it with us, somewhere a little less public?”

“Dr. Zelenka, I think that is one of your rare good ideas.” Rodney countered. Radek started to protest, until Rodney placed an arm across his waist, pulling him close and whispered “Veselé Vánoce” into his ear. He beamed at Radek’s stunned look but answered it with, “you didn’t really think that I stood here by accident, did you?”
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