October 8th, 2006


Lorne/Sheppard/Ronon/Kavanagh, NC-17

Title: 4 Minus 3 Equals Zero
Author: ria_kukalaka
Pairing: Lorne/Sheppard/Ronon/Kavanagh
Word Count: 636
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Aliens made them do it – yes again!
Warnings: Group sex.
Prompt: Oct 8th challenge at slashing_lorne: ‘write a drabble/ficlet using the title of a George Strait Song’. And ‘071: Broken’ for fanfic100.
Disclaimer: This is what the show should be like. But as they’re not all constantly having desperate, messy sex with Lorne, I obviously don’t own it.
Notes: Thanks to azicrow for looking through it and making the appropriate ‘aww’ noises.

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