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It’s All Right With Me, Kavanagh/McKay (NC-17)

Title: It’s All Right With Me
Pairing: Kavanagh/McKay
Word Count: 1382
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It's the wrong game, with the wrong chips. Though your lips are tempting, they're the wrong lips.
Spoilers: Hot Zone, Critical Mass, Grace Under Pressure.
Disclaimer Unfortunately nothing related to SGA belongs to me. I have nothing but tons of love.
Notes: Thanks to kerry_louise for the very thorough beta! Any remaining mistakes are mine. Title and summary blatantly stolen from John Barrowman Cole Porter.

Written for littlemimm in the kavtolanon secret santa challenge.

“Really Kavanagh, if you must be a complete moron, can you at least try to spare the rest of us your idiocies?” McKay grumbled as he wiped out Kavanagh’s neatly written equations across the white board.

Kavanagh shoved at his hands, protecting his work. “There is nothing wrong with my theory.” He insisted. “You simply can not comprehend it and that infuriates you.” He added smugly.

McKay laughed, mirthlessly. “Oh yes. That must be the problem. Sorry this ‘theory’ is a waste of valuable space.” Kavanagh had caused him to drop the board wiper but he continued obliterating the equations, using the sleeve of his arm.

“Just use one of the other damn boards.” Kavanagh replied, his frustration growing. Mindlessly, he pushed against McKay again, this time causing the stockier man to trip and fall backwards against a lab bench. Having used his weight to push McKay, Kavanagh lost his balance too, stumbling until he landed against the other scientist.

McKay, predictably, started whining about his back. Kavanagh just rolled his eyes and tried to right himself. He used the bench to steady himself, accidentally rubbing his thigh against McKay’s groin, and froze. McKay’s rant stopped mid sentence, leaving a dense and awkward silence behind. He’d never thought he’d miss the grating sound of McKay’s voice, but this was a hell of a lot worse. It wasn’t helped by the fact that McKay’s erection was still poking into his thigh.

It took several long moments for him to realise he should move and he slowly lifted his head, to find his face only inches away from McKay’s and a pair of deep blue eyes locked onto his. How was it that he had never noticed how blue those eyes were? Come to think of it, how had he missed the solidness of McKay’s body or how tempting his mouth was? Full and soft looking lips, which were slightly down turned at the corner. Without thinking about it, he closed the small space between them and kissed him.

It was unlike any other kiss he’d ever experienced. Fast and dirty, with both of their tongues vying for dominance, fighting the same battle for superiority that they’d had dozens of times in a dozen different ways.

Then just as suddenly as it had started, McKay was shoving him away with both of his hands. He stepped back and lifted his arms, fully intending to block the punch that he assumed was coming. But McKay kept bodily pushing him back until he was pinning him against the nearest wall.

He tried to protest but then those incredibly talented lips were on his again and he’d forgotten what he was supposed to be complaining about. Their lips were still clashing when McKay’s hands started fumbling at his fly and soon they were rubbing his growing hardness through the cotton of his boxers. He gasped, throwing his head back against the wall. It had been too long, far too long, since he’d been touched by anyone other than himself. He thrust into McKay's hand, wordless urging him on, uncaring about the public location or that he was still mainly dressed or the fact that it was McKay’s hand that was bringing him off.

McKay paused to get his own cock out and Kavanagh took it in his hand, stroking it in the way that worked best for him as McKay continued to work on his. It only took a few minutes before he felt the tension building up in his balls and then he was coming, spilling hotly into McKay’s hand. It was so wrong, everything about it was wrong, but it felt pretty damn good and considering they could all have the life sucked out of them or be vaporised or suffer some other equally unpleasant fate at any time, sex was all that really mattered. He was still riding his orgasm when he felt McKay’s release coat his hand. They both stood like that for a long moment, panting heavily and avoiding the other’s gaze.

“Well that was the stupidest thing I’ve done in a while.” McKay commented idly, breaking the silence.

“How about that, we’re in agreement.” Kavanagh replied acerbically, hastily pulling up his boxers and pants from where they were pooled around his booted feet. “So like I was saying, we can dramatically increase the efficiency of the ZPM by -”

Rodney, who had also tucked himself back in, shook his head and returned to his laptop. “Kavanagh, it was a bad idea in the first place, insisting on it simply makes it stupid and tiresome.” He replied and they continued arguing until Radek came in and forced them both to return to their respective work.


Nothing really changed after that. McKay kept being an arrogant, pain in the ass. Kavanagh kept ignoring him for his own better judgement. But they kept having these ‘encounters’. After the incident with the nanite virus, McKay roughly pushed him into an empty closet. On being acquitted of espionage, Kavanagh fucked him in the secluded interrogation room. After almost dying in a drowned ‘jumper, McKay worked out his feelings in a poorly lit hallway they were supposed to be exploring.

They’d avoided beds, their own rooms or anything else even vaguely personal. They both saw the relationship for what it was. A convenience, sex, with someone there was no chance of developing any feelings for to complicate things. They were both far too busy for that.

So when McKay had shown up at his quarters in the early hours of the morning, he’d stood in the doorway and stared at him, confused. It wasn’t until McKay had stepped into the room and pressed him against the bed that he’d gotten with the program.

He watched him sleep, quickly sweeping his hair back and tying it roughly. It normally stayed tied, he didn’t let it loose unless he was alone, but McKay had surprised him by removing the constricting band and running his fingers through the long, thick curls of hair. He was on the verge of complaining when McKay went down on him.

He still didn’t get what had caused the change or what it meant. He was perfectly fine with the status quo. Perhaps sometimes, incredibly late at night, he had let himself imagine that things could be different. Maybe, just maybe he would admit to himself that he respect and admired McKay as a scientist and having the sentiment returned would not be completely awful.

Or possibly he was just being crazy. He shook his head and got out of bed, going to the shower. He cleaned up and dressed quickly, then slipped out of the room, grabbing some coffee before heading to the lab.

McKay came in about an hour later and completely ignored Kavanagh as usual, going about his own work. Other scientists starting filtering in soon after that and the morning went on like any other.

“Look at this McKay. I’ve figured out what to do about the mess you made with the device from P5G 763.” Kavanagh said about half way through the morning, pushing his electronic notebook at McKay. “Think you can manage to read it all for yourself or should I break it down into less complicated pieces for you?” He asked snidely.

Rodney glanced at the first page, his attention obviously divided but then he looked back, scrolled down and skimmed it more thoroughly. “This is not bad. I guess even you have to get lucky occasionally.” McKay’s hand, subtly, squeezed his as he handed the pad back. He looked around the lab anxiously in case anyone had noticed. But everyone continued to go about their business without paying them any attention.

“Think you can handle it? Or do I need to get Radek to baby-sit you?” McKay asked irritably, bringing him back to the matter at hand.

“Yeah, fine. I’ll do it.” He muttered, momentarily thrown.

“Thanks.” Rodney replied quietly, flashing him a brief half smile. “I owe you one. Of course you and the rest of the city owe me several times over.”

Kavanagh rolled his eyes and went back to his workstation, smiling ever so slightly to himself. Perhaps he wasn’t all that crazy. Or at least, he wasn't the only one that was.
Tags: kavanagh/other

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