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Title: The Letter
Summary: Miles writes to his friend.
Rating: Gen
Notes: A little drabble because Julian/Miles deserve more love and because every New Year should start with a Gratitude Festival ;)


Glad to hear the Station is still in one piece. I knew my team could keep it going, I trained them well. And, no, Julian, no matter how much you insist, you are not going to convince me that you regularly offer helpful suggestions thanks to your ‘Advanced Engineering course’ and your ‘hours spent watching me work’.

Keiko is amused that I’m choosing to “write you”; I tried to explain to her, it’s how the soldiers at the Alamo would have communicated with those back home. As usual, she thinks we’re crazy. She did ask me to thank you for sending the recording of the Lights of Ha’mara. That kept Molly and Kira-Yoshi entertained for hours. This might sound odd, but watching that made me realise that one of the things I regret the most about being back on Earth is the lack of festivities. Every day here is such a routine. There is rarely any cause for celebration. Of course, pretty soon I’ll be missing Gratitude Festival. No Bateret leaves around here. Although perhaps you can burn a renewal scroll for me.

My troubles for the past year:
Not being around you. (Losing at darts to other people is just not the same.)

Peldor Joi,
Your friend always,
Tags: julian/miles
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