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Applied Science, Lorne/Parrish, Lorne/Kavanagh, Lorne/Beckett, Lorne/Zelenka, Lorne/McKay.

Title: Applied Science
Pairings: Lorne/Parrish, Lorne/Kavanagh, Lorne/Beckett, Lorne/Zelenka, Lorne/McKay.
Word Count: 1025
Rating: R
Summary: Lorne is a bit of a science slut.
Spoilers: 2.03: Runner, 2.13: Critical Mass, 3.01: No Man’s Land and 3.03: Irresistible.
Prompt: For October 30th challenge at slashing_lorne: ‘write a drabble/ficlet pairing Lorne with a scientist’.
Disclaimer: So not mine!

Evan Lorne had a thing for the intellectual types. They were always so imaginative. He’d learnt that in high school, from the very keen president of the chess club.

After he joined the SGC, it was as much a survival mechanism as a preference. On Atlantis, doubly so. Luckily, geeks were one of those rare commodities the City wasn’t lacking in.

His first off-world mission was with Dr. Parrish, a young, sweet-faced botanist. After three hours of listening to him enthuse about the planet’s flora, he was more turned on than he had been in months. Thankfully, the Wraith had quickly managed to take care of that. If it hadn’t, his following time with McKay would have. He liked them smart, not a pain in the ass.

He visited Parrish’s quarters when they got back on base, using the continuation of their last conversation as an excuse. Parrish hadn’t even finished his first sentence before Evan was invading his mouth.

It hadn’t lasted very long. He was a little too rough for Parrish’s taste.

That’s what made him seek out Dr. Kavanagh. With his reputation, and the chip on his shoulder he was carrying around, Lorne was sure he could handle it. He wasn’t wrong. It had been a rollercoaster ride with him. Earning the man’s trust was not easy, but once he’d had it, it was very definitely worth the effort. Not many people would have suspected the core of sentimentality and genuine affection that lay underneath the icy, indifferent exterior. But between them Weir and McKay had driven him away. He was really starting to hate their chief scientific advisor.

His first mission after Kavanagh left, he was a little upset and a lot pissed off. He fell 6 feet through an instability in the ground. His team called the medics, though it was his ego that was bruised more than anything else. Beckett arrived though and started shouting out orders in that sexy brogue of his. His broken ribs were the only thing stopping him from jumping the doctor right there.

However the closer he got with Carson, the colder Ronon started behaving toward him. At first he thought he was imagining it, until the other man shoved him into a wall, just outside the mess hall, after he’d had lunch with Beckett.

“That’s my scientist.” Ronon growled.

Evan, more than capable of standing up for himself, was almost tempted to challenge him. But he respected the alien and worked with him often enough that this could become a problem. So he nodded and shrugged.

“Sorry man, didn’t know.”

Ronon seemed to accept that for an answer and Lorne backed off.

Things ran smoothly for a while after that. Life on Atlantis had its highs and lows. And it didn’t get much higher than captaining a starship. Watching helplessly while it blew up, on the other hand, was an absolute low. He regretted his failed relationships more so than ever that night. That was until Radek turned up at his door with a bottle of Becherovka and plenty of shared misery.

He couldn’t exactly remember much of what happened that night. Just that he awoke, alone, sore in several places, covered in various bodily fluids and with a throbbing headache. Zelenka never mentioned it again.

He was barely over his infatuation with Lucius, when McKay stopped him in the corridor and pushed him into the nearest empty room.

“I hear you’ve been steadily sleeping through my staff.” Rodney accused.

“What are you talking about, McKay?” He replied easily, more than familiar at covering.

“You can drop the act, Major. Scientists gossip. Relax, only amongst themselves. Even the ones you’ve been picking aren’t that moronic.” He added, at Lorne’s caught out look.

“And how is this any of your business?” He asked, irritated.

Rodney huffed, squared his shoulders and crossed his arms in front of him. “Well obviously you were far too intimidated to approach me – don’t worry that’s understandable – so, magnanimous individual that I am, I decided to save you the trouble.”

Lorne laughed. He hadn’t intended to, but it was genuinely funny. Rodney’s self-satified smile dropped instantly, half of his mouth turning down in an upset frown and his, usually expressive, eyes glazed over, becoming hazy and unreadable. Evan didn’t look up until he’d stopped laughing at the man, and then immediately regretted his initial reaction.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, trying to catch Rodney’s gaze. He did actually look pretty adorable like that.

“No, fine, your loss,” Rodney bristled, all signs of his disappointment covered in a heartbeat. “It was the logical conclusion after all. You were working your way up the ranks.” He moved towards the door, still talking at light speed. “And it’s not like I can sleep with any of them, they all work for me. The Colonel and Ronon are on my team. I wasn’t seeing a whole load of other options, so please don’t flatter yourself.”

Evan stepped out in front of him, blocking his exit and placed a gentle, unobtrusive kiss on his lips. Rodney’s lips were just how Lorne liked them - soft and full, with a manly prickle of stubble at the edges. Rodney’s lips opened for him and he deepened the kiss, pushing hard against the parted lips, and flicking his tongue between them - between the lips, but not into the mouth. He kept at this teasing tongue action, feeling his arousal grow as he felt quivers running through Rodney.

He was breathless and hard by the time he stepped back and Rodney’s cheeks were flushed red whilst his eyes were almost black with lust.

“I’ve never been one to argue with such sound logic.” He breathed out.

“God, it’s true what they say about you.” Rodney whimpered, his head still spinning.

Lorne laughed again, though it was kinder this time. “Why? What do they say?” He asked, curious.

“Come with me and I’ll show you.” Rodney replied, heading for the door again. This time, Lorne let him. He followed a few minutes later and never looked back. Well, not until the Daedalus bought along the next batch of scientists, at least.
Tags: lorne/kavanagh, lorne/other, lorne/zelenka, oct challenge

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