Maria (ria_fics) wrote,

Moonlight and Magic, Lorne/McKay/Kavanagh (R)

Title: Moonlight and Magic
Pairings: Lorne/McKay/Kavanagh
Word Count: 398
Rating: R
Summary: It started off like any other patrol.
Prompt: For October 24th challenge at slashing_lorne: ‘Moonlight’. And ‘045: Moon’ for fanfic100.
Disclaimer: So not mine!

Nick Lorne was doing his nightly round. He walked across pier two; the moon was high and bright in the sky. It cast a silvery glow, making the dark sea below shimmer and sparkle. In his more sentimental moments, Nick had found himself thinking this was what real magic was.

He wasn’t expecting there to be anything wrong. They never got warnings for those times. It was more of a habit. He liked to stroll through the city last thing at night, reassuring himself all was normal before going to bed.

Everything was going exactly like every other night, until he heard shouting as he walked towards the labs. It was probably nothing more than a failed experiment, he thought speeding up slightly. A loud crash followed the earlier noise and he broke into a run, reaching for his gun.

He entered the lab to see Dr. Kavanagh pinning McKay to the wall. He rushed in between them, pulling Kavanagh off the other scientist. “Surely a couple of geniuses can figure out a better way to solve a problem…” He started to chide, when the erection poking into his thigh entered his consciousness.

It was then that he noticed McKay’s flushed appearance, wet lips and a definite tent in his pants too.

“Oh.” He stated unintelligently. His own cock started twitching in a visceral reaction.

Rodney turned away, looking like he’d been caught reading a social sciences magazine. Kavanagh grinned smugly and looked straight toward him, a lustful gleam in his eye. “Care to join us, Major?” He asked, punctuating it with a flickering lick of his lower lip.

Nick glanced from Kavanagh back to McKay, who was now looking over him in interest. “We can be discreet.” He said matter-of-factly, and Nick heard the door lock.

Kavanagh grinned at him again and moved back to Rodney, dropping tantalisingly light kisses along the long line of his neck. McKay gasped and threw his head back slightly but held Nick’s gaze, his blue eyes dark and inviting.

Nick stopped thinking about it. Throwing off his jacket in one rapid movement, he walked toward the scientists. He pulled McKay into an aggressive kiss, whilst his free hand worked it’s way into Kavanagh’s pants.

Moonlight filtered in through the tall stained glass window and shimmered off the naked bodies, accentuating every dip and curve. Nick could have sworn it was magic.
Tags: fanfic100, lorne/mckay/kav, oct challenge

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