Maria (ria_fics) wrote,

The Ones We Love, Lorne/Kavanagh

Title: The Ones We Love
Pairings: Lorne/Kavanagh, various others.
Word Count: 726
Rating: PG
Summary: DADT is outdated and inappropriate.
Spoilers: Nothing direct, mentions of events from all three series.
Prompt: For October 18th challenge at slashing_lorne: ‘write a drabble/ficlet about freedom to love whoever you want’. And ‘076: Who’ for fanfic100.
Disclaimer: So not mine!

It started, as most things on Atlantis did, with Rodney’s bitching – ahem – very valid and genuine concerns. Being Canadian, and naturally superior, he didn’t understand DADT at all. Especially not why it should concern him, or his equally non-american, non-military lover. Of course, everyone of any import knew, but he couldn’t comprehend why he should waste any of his incredibly rare and precious time in trying to hide something so basic. He and the Colonel had plenty of long conversations, which almost always ended in Rodney declaring that the American military was seriously whacked and Sheppard shrugging, unable to disagree.

McKay, however, was not known for his patience and one movie night, he snaked his arm around Radek’s waist and rested his head on the shorter man’s shoulder. Anyone who had a problem with it would just have to find a way to cope.

Everyone, Rodney included - though he’d never admit it, held their breath for a few, long days after that. Colonel Sheppard ordered an extra security detail, one he trusted, to surreptitiously watch over the two scientists. Dr. Weir made a few speeches about tolerance and understanding. They all waited for the first outburst.

But nothing happened. Well, there was the attempted attack by Koyla’s men and the thing with the giant plant that just wanted love and the entire city ran out of toothpaste so Beckett had to whip up something, which tasted like three-day old tuna. But life on Atlantis carried on pretty much as usual. Everyone had far more pressing concerns than who was sleeping with who. Even the few marines that John had had some concerns about didn’t even blink as Radek first slapped and then kissed Rodney in the gateroom, after their mission went wrong, again.

Reassured by that, other couples started to be less cautious. Simpson and Miko held hands in the mess hall. Corrigan and Optican started spending a conspicuous amount of time together. Moore and McNab went ‘swimming’ together, and seemed to forget their clothes. Miller was the first member of the military to come out. It may or may not have been an accident; Lindsay saw him kissing Parrish in storeroom 6D.

But still it didn’t seem to change anything. Except maybe everyone seemed just a touch brighter, especially in the mornings.

It seemed a good enough reason to declare all members of the Atlantis expedition free of DADT. After all it didn’t seem fair to enforce American rules on an international mission.


Lorne had joined Sheppard and Ronon for their morning run. He usually preferred jogging across the piers, but they’d intersected and just a snippet of their conversation was enough to convince him to change his route. They’d been discussing rumours about who was dating who for the past 20 minutes now. Colonel Sheppard he understand, but he’d never imagined Ronon could be such a gossip. Apparently, he had a bit of a personal stake in keeping Doc Beckett available.

Lorne and John teased him mercilessly, until Ronon bought up John’s little thing for a certain physicist. “Calvin is never going to believe this.” Lorne muttered, amused.

Sheppard spluttered, the drink of water he’d just taken splaying out of his mouth. “Who?” He asked to confirm, although of course he knew they only had one Calvin.

“Uhh…” Lorne stumbled for a moment, before shrugging his shoulders. “Calvin – Kavanagh. We’ve been dating – kind of. It’s hard to figure him out.”

Both Ronon and Sheppard stopped their running, causing Lorne to shoot out ahead. He had to stop and turn around, once he noticed.

“Kavanagh?” Sheppard repeated, incredulously. Ronon stared perplexedly at him, like Lorne had just declared he was becoming one of the Wraith worshippers. “Yeah, I bet that’s hard to figure out.” Sheppard continued after a long pause.

Lorne nodded and went back to jogging, going slow enough to make sure the other men were following. They ran in awkward silence for a while, Lorne cursing himself for letting down his guard. He was about to veer off, and go in his own direction, leaving his friends behind, when the Colonel spoke all of a sudden.

“Could be worse, I suppose. I hear Caldwell has a thing for Woolsey.” Sheppard said with a grin. Ronon guffawed at that and Lorne found himself laughing alongside them again. Things really didn’t change around here.
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