Maria (ria_fics) wrote,

A Little Sincerity, Lorne/Kav (PG)

Title: A Little Sincerity
Pairing: Lorne/Kavanagh
Word Count: 343
Rating: PG
Summary: The things you miss.
Prompt: For October 16th challenge at slashing_lorne: ‘books’. And ‘007:Days’ for fanfic100.
Disclaimer: If they were mine I could die happy, as it is I’ll just have to be miserable.

Lorne tossed and turned in bed, cursing his inability to sleep. Some time in the last few months, he doesn’t know when or how it happened, his sleep has become dependant on long arms around him, thick curls falling across his shoulder, a warm body held tight against his back.

It’s strange, the things a person will miss.

He misses Cal’s soft, thoughtful voice as he read out passages from this collection of Oscar Wilde plays. The scientist had always had a quiet passion for English Literature, had even studied it as one of his minors in college. As reading, he would slip into character without even realising it, until Nick’s soft laughter bought him back to this reality.

But now Kavanagh was gone, returning to Earth, his books packed in a very small bag of personal belongings. He’d offered to leave them, as Lorne begged him to stay. But Nick just shook his head, unable to speak. They wouldn’t mean anything without Cal’s enthusiasm, bringing the words to life.

Giving up sleep as a lost cause, he got out of bed and switched on his computer. There was also more than enough paperwork to keep him going through the relatively short nights.

His emailed pinged, and he opened it, expecting an inventory request or something else equally banal. Instead, there it was a message from the Daedalus domain.

From: Dr. C. Kavanagh
To: Major N. Lorne
Attachments: an_ideal_husband, importance_of_earnest, picture_dorian_gray, canterville_ghost

Couldn’t sleep and disappointingly enough there’s not a lot to do on a ‘spaceship’.

I hope you know that I had to and I’m sorry.

Yours still,

“Vile deeds like poison weeds bloom well in prison air, it is only what is good in man, that wastes and withers there.” Oscar Wilde

Lorne downloaded the first link and smiled as Cal’s voice started reading. He easily fell into the slightly differing inflections of Mabel Chiltern and Lord Goring. Nick lay back on the bed, listening to the familiar comforting voice. He was asleep in moments.
Tags: fanfic100, lorne/kav, oct challenge

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