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Start the Way you Mean to Go On, Lorne/Kavanagh (NC-17)

Title: Start the Way you Mean to Go On
Pairing: Lorne/Kavanagh
Word Count: 3072
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Major Lorne is transferred to the SGC and discovers more than he was expecting. Pre-Atlantis fic.
Prompt: For October 14th challenge at slashing_lorne: ‘write a drabble/ficlet about Lorne and his lover playing "sports"’. And ‘001:Beginnings’ for fanfic100.
Disclaimer: If they were mine I could die happy, as it is I’ll just have to be miserable.
Notes: This is the very beginning of the universe that Words Unsaid and Formed Anew are set in. I’ve arbitrarily decided to call it basketball!verse.
Thanks to azicrow for being my inspiration and sounding board.

Major Nicholas Lorne was given orders to meet a Colonel O’Neill in a coffeehouse in Colorado Springs. It seemed a little strange to salute the man over coffee, but he was a superior officer – one he was hoping to work under. “Major Lorne reporting as ordered, sir.”

O’Neill raised one eyebrow. “Sit down, Major. The point was to not draw attention to the interview being taken place for a position at a top secret military base.”

Sheepishly Lorne sat down on the edge of the hard red couch of the booth. “Sorry, sir.”

O’Neill slowly drank his coffee, without saying anything further, seemingly completely comfortable with the silence. Nick sat and waited. And then waited some more. He ordered a coffee the second time the waitress came around.

After about 20 minutes of that, the Colonel finally spoke. “You play basketball?” He asked.

Nick, shaken out of his thoughts, and a little surprised at the question nodded his head. “Yes sir. I love it.” Fine, so he was exaggerating a little, who didn’t.

“Good, you’ll do. Report to Cheyenne Mountain first thing tomorrow. Ask for Walter, he’ll show you around.” With that he left, leaving Nick utterly confused and facing the bill.


It turned out that the reason the Colonel was so interested in his basketball playing abilities was that General Hammond had asked him and Colonel Reynolds to start opposing teams. He seemed to think it would be good for morale. O’Neill had happily passed his responsibility on to the new guy.

Nick didn’t mind, it won him the Colonel’s favour and it was a pretty good way of introducing himself. He’d always been a friendly, laid back sort of guy and he’d managed to convince most of the marines that Colonel Reynolds hadn’t already poached to come to a tryout session.

He’d also gotten into the habit of asking random scientists who looked like they’d be able to play. More times than not, he was met with a pretty good response. That was until he saw a pony-tailed scientist sitting by himself on a table in the mess. Even in a sitting position, he could tell the man was tall and he seemed to be of an average built, not like some of the others.

“Mind if I sit down?” He asked, joining the scientist at the table. The other man, reluctantly, looked up whatever he was reading on his PDA, glanced at Nick, sizing him up and then went back to reading without a word.

Nick, taking that as a yes, pulled out the chair and took a seat. “I’m Nick Lorne. I just moved here. It’s a bit strange not knowing anyone.” He said pleasantly.

The scientist glanced up again, a touch of a snarl on his lips. “A tip then, you’re doing yourself a disservice being seen with me.”

Not quite sure what to make of that, Nick ignored it. “So I’m starting a basketball team. You play?”

“No,” came the curt response.

“Would you like to come to tryouts and have a go?”

“No.” He replied in the same tone.

“I have a feeling you might be good.” Nick said, liking the challenge. “And it definitely looks like you could use some time off.”

The scientist didn’t bother replying. Instead, he picked up the tray and what was left of his lunch, put it on the rack to be cleaned and left.


Later that afternoon Nick walked into Kavanagh’s lab. “Dr. Kavanagh, we didn’t get to finish our conversation earlier.”

Kavanagh didn’t look up from the microscope. “You found out my name, am I supposed to be impressed?”

“Well…I thought maybe you’d be a little impressed that I chased after you all afternoon despite being told, in at least three very colourful ways, that you were a lost cause.”

Kavanagh smirked, “should have listened to them.”

Nick shook his head. “I’ve always thought there’s something incredibly sexy about a lost cause.” Kavanagh regretted that he hadn’t looked up; it gave him no way of judging Nick’s expression.

“Don’t you have anything better to do? Protecting us from the scum of the universe and all that.” He answered snidely, finally looking up only to glare at him. He’d perfected that glare over years. He trusted in its power.

Nick however just smiled and shook his head. “Not right now, nope. And I’m going to keep asking – and wasting your very valuable time – until you agree to come. I can see you’re a smart guy. You could just save yourself the headache and agree now.”

Kavanagh shook his head, not believing the threat for a moment. The military grunt would bore of this game before the day was over. “Sorry, not interested. Go harass someone else.”

Nick smiled knowingly as he left. “Fine but don’t forget, I did warn you.”


Lorne was every bit as insistent as he had promised. He sought out Kavanagh at every opportunity over the next few days. He pleaded and teased and cajoled and sometimes just talked to the man. More often than not it was one sided; the scientist had taken to paying no attention to him. But every now and then he said something that bought out just a hint of a smile or made him pause in what he was doing for a split second. It was enough to let Nick know he was getting through to him and more than enough motivation to keep going.


“What’s wrong with trying out? It’ll only take an hour or so and if you hate it you get to have me off your case.” Nick tried to reason.

Kavanagh sighed and turned away from the mass spectrometer readout. “I’m really trying to focus here.”

“So say you’ll come.”

“Fine, yes. If it’ll get rid of you I’ll come.” Kavanagh agreed making sure it came off grudgingly.

“Great.” Nick replied with a beaming smile. “Tomorrow 1900 hours in the gym. Oh that’s 7 O’Clock.”

Kavanagh gave him the look of contempt he was expecting and he chuckled, squeezing his arm, before he left.


The gym was crawling with personnel, both military and civilian by the time Kavanagh got there. Nick, who had been watching out for him ready to go find him and physically drag him here if he didn’t show, went up to him immediately. “Glad you could make it, Cal.” He said as he handed him a bright red shirt.

Kavanagh had repeatedly asked him to refer to him as Dr. Kavanagh or even just Kavanagh, but Nick had paid no heed to any of those requests.

The session went really well. Kavanagh had actually played in college, for pretty much the same reason. A good-looking boy had asked him too. That had ended in pain and humiliation. He couldn’t believe he was making the same mistake again. But as he played, he started to remember all the things he loved about it: the feeling of being a part of a team; being treated the same as everyone else; the surge of elation when he scored; the words of praise from his teammates. Also it felt good to get some exercise after spending so long sitting at his desk or around his cramped lab.

When the session finished Nick picked the individuals he wanted to keep, letting the rest down kindly. The team consisted of Nick himself, Teal’c, Sam Carter, Louis Ferretti and Kavanagh. Colonel O’Neill had already nominated himself as a reserve and Nick added a few more people to it.


There was a practice scheduled for every night that week. But with everyone’s work commitments only two of those were not cancelled. The practices were pretty much like the first session and Kavanagh found himself enjoying it more and more.

Of course he was still completely insufferable outside of the matches. He’d worked hard on his reputation; he wasn’t ready to give it all up for a stupid game and some charming prettyboy. As before though that didn’t seem to deter Nick, who still came and found him at the strangest times.

He dragged him off to meals, “I need my players well nourished”. He forced him to go to bed at reasonable times. “You’re no good to me if you’re asleep on your feet.” Sometimes he turned up, just to ask the other man about his day. Kavanagh didn’t know quite what to make of it, but he kept his guard up.


The first actual game was on Sunday evening. It got cut short by an unauthorised gate activation, which turned out only to be the Tok’Ra. They called that one a draw.


The following week followed a similar pattern, except Kavanagh found he was starting to look forward to Lorne’s not-so-irritating little visits. The point really got driven home when the airman was off world for a couple of days. Suddenly Kavanagh found eating in the mess hall especially lonely despite the fact that he’d been doing something similar for years before this guy showed up.

It was Lorne’s first time off world and he came back fascinated and intrigued and with a thousand different questions. Naturally, he hunted down Cal as soon as he’d debriefed and showered.

“I’m working, Major. Some of us actually do something of worth around here.” He said as soon as Lorne walked into his lab, covering his pleasure at seeing the other man.

“Yes, I know you’re smart, you keep telling me. That’s why I need you. Plus I’m starving. Come on. A quick, late dinner, then you need to sleep. But I promise not to bother you all day tomorrow. Deal?”

Kavanagh rolled his eyes. “It’s not like I’d ever get rid of you if I said no.”

Nick flashed him a wide grin and placed a hand on the small of his back, guiding him out.


Kavanagh lay in bed, in his apartment for a change. Most days he just bunked in the room he’d be assigned at the SGC but it was a Sunday and he’d gotten through the liquid chromatography of the naquadriah-like substance faster than he’d expected.

Feeling pleasantly relaxed, he lazily brushed his hand across his bare chest, rubbing his nipples. He played with them until they hardened and then tweaked them again, gasping at the sensation. His hand worked lower across his abdomen and then under his sleeping pants. He pushed them off his hips and took his cock in hand. Closing his eyes, he started up his favourite fantasy. Angelina Simpson on her knees in front of him, her shoulder length blonde hair bobbing as she begged for him.

Suddenly the picture changed and it was Nick who was sucking him off. He froze, his hand squeezing just under the head of his cock. He shouldn’t be doing this. Shouldn’t have feelings for another guy, especially one of the military –. He couldn’t even think of Nick as a grunt anymore. Without wanting too, he’d gotten too close to him for that.

There was no one else here. No one had to know, he told himself as he started pumping again. He imagined wiping that infuriating smirk from Nick’s face. Thought of him moaning ‘Cal’ in that lilting way of his, that made it sound soft and pleasant. Let himself believe that the other man wanted it too. He came harder than he had in a long time.


“Good game, Cal.” Nick said to Kavanagh as he entered the showers after their first win. Kavanagh had just soaped up his hair, so couldn’t escape like he normally did when Nick joined him. It was far too dangerous to shower so close to the man. He’d had queer beatings in the past, they were never fun.

“I didn’t do anything. Teal’c scored.” Kavanagh pointed out, keeping his voice as disdainful as he could manage.

“You still played well.” He replied, his tone full of encouragement as he dropped his shorts and pulled off his shirt.

Kavanagh looked at the tiles straight in front of him and didn’t move his head. He grunted noncommittally in response. He turned the water on to full, it made the heat increase to an uncomfortable level, but meant he could get out of there as quickly as possible.

Nick, apparently oblivious, started talking again. Muttering to himself about team positions and tactics. “I think you’d be good as a power forward.” He said out of the blue.

Kavanagh turned to look at him in horror. And then froze. Lorne was looking forward, thank god, but the water flowing down his body accentuated every muscle. Kavanagh’s gaze automatically followed it lower, down his abdomen and further down to thick curls. Quickly he snapped his head up again. “You’re crazy. I’m better at defense.” He said, his voice a little shaky.

Nick looked toward him and grinned brightly, a move that did not bode well for his increasing…problem. “Just wanna try it, I think it might work better for us.”

“Whatever.” Kavanagh said, his voice an octave higher than it normally was. He switched off the water, the rest of the shower could wait, and reached out for his towel. He wrapped it loosely around himself before stepping out of the communal showers and heading to the changing room.

Lorne followed only moments behind, smiling in that infuriating, ‘I know something you don’t know’ way of his. “So you’re ok with me changing things around a bit?” He asked, watching as Kavanagh struggled to get his wet skin back into his uniform, whilst keeping the towel in front of his groin.

“Yeah, fine, sure.” He said, not even remotely interested right now.

“Great.” Nick grinned, starting to get changed too. Kavanagh practically ran out as soon as he was covered enough to get away with it.


The next few weeks were equally unbearable. Kavanagh had taken leaving off the shower until he could back to his quarters. But he couldn’t avoid the other man on the pitch. Nick would pat him, on his back or lower down, whenever he scored – or even made a decent pass. In practice, he’d block him bodily. And his insane idea of making him do non-basketball things hadn’t passed either.

Of course Major Lorne was sociable with everyone. There was nothing more to it.


Eventually, the last game of their makeshift season arrived. To make things interesting, they’d dubbed it the championship. Nick had heard Colonel O’Neill had some pretty impressive forfeits on the outcome of the game. Which meant they really needed to win or he might find himself assigned to the most menial tasks available, until he retired.

The game was close, like most of them had been. There were only five seconds left on the display Dr. Lee had rigged together. Ferretti dribbled from center court passing to Teal’c. Teal’c made like he was going to shoot but turned around and passed it to Kavanagh instead. Kavanagh threw a jump shot from beyond the arch, landing it straight into the basket, putting them in the lead by just one point.

Daniel blew the whistle, signalling the end of the game and the audience (they’d managed to draw quite a crowd) went wild. The whole team descended on Kavanagh with high-fives and patting his shoulder. Even Teal’c nodded in his direction, with a little half smile on his face. Calvin got caught up in the praise and joined in, the excitement getting through his tightly knit armour.

Nick, who was on the other side of the court, ran up and pulled him into a hug and without thinking he returning it, squeezing his arms around the other man’s waist. That was when he felt his cock starting to fill, he tried to pull away, but it was already too late, it was too close to Nick’s thigh. Nick threw him a really strange look, and he braced himself for the punch that was to follow. But it never came. They broke apart, as the reserve team and fans from the crowd filtered on to the court, grinning and chanting maniacally.

Kavanagh stood in the corner of the after party, fiddling with the glass in his hands. Colonel O’Neill had broken out the good champagne and all of his teammates had insisted he stay. He’d been elated enough to agree. But the adrenaline buzz had worn off and everyone had gone back to talking to other people, like normal.

Nick sidled up behind him and whispered, “let’s get out of here,” in his ear. With that he walked out of the room, discretely glancing back at him a couple of times. Kavanagh gave it a few minutes and then followed him out. Nick was waiting in the corridor a little further on from the mess. He kept walking and Calvin continued to follow him, a few paces behind, all the way to Lorne’s quarters.

As soon as they’d both gotten inside, Nick pulled him into a deep kiss, his tongue invading Cal’s mouth without seeking permission, greedily tasting the other man. His hand fumbled with both of their pants but he managed to get their cocks out without breaking the kiss. Calvin, dizzy with lust, couldn’t even think to disagree. He just closed his eyes and let Nick take the lead.

Nick was stroking their cocks, fast and dirty, no elegance or rhythm to it, just a frantic need to get off. They came together. With Lorne moaning “Cal” and Cal moaning “holy shit”.

Calvin leaned back against the door for support as he recovered, his eyes still closed and his head bowed down. “Is this another game?” He whispered, feeling more vulnerable than he had in a long time.

Nick laughed giddily and kissed him again, much, much sweeter this time. Cupping the scientists face with his hands and gently caressing his cheek with the tip of his thumb.

“We should get back to the party before we’re missed.” Nick murmured against his mouth.

Kavanagh shook his head; it was the last thing he wanted. “No thanks. I’ve had enough macho posturing for one night.”

Nick laughed again, as he tucked himself back in. “Ok, stay here? Maybe I can wake you up when I finish.”

Calvin huffed melodramatically. “If you know what’s good for you, you’d let me sleep.”

Nick chuckled as he left the room, already looking forward to returning.
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