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Start the Way you Mean to Go On, Lorne/Kavanagh (NC-17)

Title: Start the Way you Mean to Go On
Pairing: Lorne/Kavanagh
Word Count: 3072
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Major Lorne is transferred to the SGC and discovers more than he was expecting. Pre-Atlantis fic.
Prompt: For October 14th challenge at slashing_lorne: ‘write a drabble/ficlet about Lorne and his lover playing "sports"’. And ‘001:Beginnings’ for fanfic100.
Disclaimer: If they were mine I could die happy, as it is I’ll just have to be miserable.
Notes: This is the very beginning of the universe that Words Unsaid and Formed Anew are set in. I’ve arbitrarily decided to call it basketball!verse.
Thanks to azicrow for being my inspiration and sounding board.

Major Nicholas Lorne was given orders to meet a Colonel O’Neill in a coffeehouse in Colorado Springs.Collapse )
Tags: fanfic100, lorne/kav, oct challenge

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