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A Bad Day, Lorne/Sheppard (PG)

Title: A Bad Day
Pairing: Lorne/Sheppard
Word Count: 318
Rating: PG
Summary: Friday the 13th - Atlantis style.
Prompt: For October 13th challenge at slashing_lorne: ‘write a Lorne-centric ficlet set on a Friday the 13th’.
Disclaimer: If they were mine I could die happy, as it is I’ll just have to be miserable.

“Friday the 13th," John murmured climbing out of bed. “Better stay on your toes, Major”

Lorne rolled his eyes and threw a pillow after him. “Please!”

“Weirder things have happened around here.” Sheppard insisted, walking into the bathroom. Nick just shook his head, rolled out of bed and followed him into the shower.

Which wouldn’t start. John thought at it. Nick thought at it. Nothing.

John found his comm and called Rodney. “Something’s wrong with the shower in my quarters.” He whined in that slightly pathetic tone he knew really got Rodney annoyed.

“I’m sorry, Colonel.” Rodney replied, his voice indicating he was anything but. “Unfortunately though I have slightly bigger problems. McKay out.” He finished irritably.

Sighing, Nick quickly washed his face and picked out a fresh uniform, only to find a huge indefinable stain across the crotch of the BDUs. Sheppard grinned and mouthed ‘Friday 13th’.

Nick rolled his eyes and put of the uniform from yesterday. He’d been through worse in basic. “I’m going to go get some breakfast.”

The mess hall was serving the muffins with the really nice blue Athosian fruit. But by the time he made his way up the queue they were all gone. He was left with dry toast and the coffee from the bottom of the cup.

After breakfast he headed to the gateroom, to find it crawling with some sort of vine like plant. As a reflex, he reached for his gun. “Don’t hurt it!” Parrish came up to him screaming and waving his arms. “It’s not dangerous. It’s only trying to get to know us. But it has tapped into our systems, there might be some slight technical hiccups during the day.”

Just as he finished speaking the sprinkler system activated just above his head drenching him in cold water, yet somehow sparing those around him.

Colonel Sheppard, watching from the side, laughed and mouthed ‘Friday 13th’.
Tags: lorne/other, oct challenge

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